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Esdlumen creates the industry-first VR exhibition hall

Esdlumen creates the industry-first VR exhibition hall

  • May 11,2020.

Esdlumen Online Exhibition Hall: https://720yun.com/t/4dvks92l7qe?scene_id=45052513

As coronavirus become worse and worse all around the world, almost all the exhibitions have been canceled or postponed. It is difficult for us to visit our clients, so the LED screen industry is seriously affected. To solve this problem, Esdlumen creates the VR online showroom to give our clients an immersive experience of our new products and applications without leaving home.


After nearly a month of design and development, the VR showroom was finally launched. The VR exhibition hall includes TV studio, command and monitoring center, home theater, conference room and stage, which are the five major application scenarios of Esdlumen's LED display. For the online VR exhibition hall, clients can freely rotate the viewing angle, zoom the field of view, and select their interesting scenes to watch. Besides good immersive experience, they can also see the main features of a single LED screen cabinet. This design can make our clients directly feel our products.

The TV studios often have very strict requirements on the brightness and color of the screen and the stability of the system. Esdlumen's VE and KingKong series support HDR10 display, 115% NTSC color gamut, and redundant power supply and signal, which perfectly reaches the requirements of a broadcast TV screen. Up to now, Esdlumen's small-pitch LED screen has been successfully applied to over ten TV studios such as TVB, Roman TV station and Swedish TV station. Esdlumen's VR showroom highly restores a professional and standardized studio LED display solution.

The stage LED screens always have high requirements for convenience and durability. Two of our rental LED screens, Blade series and Mini Pro Series, can effectively meet the requirements of a stage. With the features of convenient and fast installation structure, semi-automatic anti-collision corner protector, HCC technology, etc., these two products must continue the glory of "The King of Rental". Both of the two products are shown in our online VR showroom.

The monitoring and command center of the VR exhibition hall integrates the design ideas of the project that Esdlumen did for 360's national command and control center, and rebuilds a standard command and control center, which is suitable for various applications such as fire monitoring, traffic dredging, and smart city management. In addition, Esdlumen's Remote Conference System, Mini LED TV, outdoor Dazzle floor screen, CW sky screen, Medusa transparent screen and other excellent products are also displayed in our VR showroom.

During this special moment, Esdlumen's online showroom not only provides convenience for our clients, but also it brings customers an immersive scene experience, which is better than the traditional methods of visiting the factory directly.

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