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Do LED screen companies need to seize the opportunity of online live?

Do LED screen companies need to seize the opportunity of online live?

  • June 28,2020.

Nowadays, if you are a rational company, you must understand the significance of online live for the LED screen industry to become popular, especially as the LED screen definition becomes higher and higher. In recent days, more and more traditional LED screen companies begin to hold an online press conference, live, and so on. These situations show that selling products via online live had become a totally new promotion platform. Actually, online live is just a tool for promotion in a special period, and has not yet deeply affected the industry chain. However, based on stabilizing product manufacturing and innovation, the effective use of online live can undoubtedly open up new ideas and patterns for the industry.

Why do we choose online live? Is online live suitable for a B2B company?

Tiktok is a software mainly for live and releases short videos, which is developed by Bytedance. When the software was launched, it was warmly welcomed by global users, especially America, India, Indonesia. According to the data, the downloads of Tiktok over 700 million, which exceeded the downloads of Facebook and Messenger, and second only to Whatsapp. Although Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin also have the Live function, the pictures and words are the main forms. Because these platforms such as Facebook rarely promote this function, only a few users use it, and many users even don’t know that these platforms have Live functions. This is the reason why Tiktok, launched in 2007, exceeded Facebook within 2 years, which means that online live had become mainstream.

Normally, B2B companies communicate better with customers face to face. Due to the influence of the epidemic, many international exhibitions had been canceled or postponed for now. In addition, many countries began to limit foreign travelers to enter their countries, so it is difficult for companies to communicate with their clients face to face. Under this condition, if companies still need to promote their products or look for good suppliers, online communication will be the only way. There is no doubt that the most affected by the epidemic is the exhibitions. The InfoComm Show and Canton Fair had changed the traditional form to online live. This shows that online live is still useful for B2B companies.

What advantages can online live bring to LED screen companies?

For LED display companies, online live may not be comparable to traditional exhibitions from the perspective of effect. But in terms of costs, online live is more economical than an exhibition. The single online advertisements are lack of interaction, and can not solve clients’ problem face to face. For this problem, LED screen companies can adopt online live to launch new products and promotion policy, and interact with customers in real-time. Some Chinese LED screen companies such as Esdlumen hold online live on Facebook for the USA and European market for the first time, and gave back to customers with large discounts.

The development trends of online live in the future

Nowadays, online live is still limited to mobile phones and PC. As the 5G technology and small-pitch LED screens become more and more popular, we believe that the large screen online live will become another development direction.

What’s more, real-time videos have changed our style of learning, cooperation, promotion, service and entertainment. With the appearance of new technology and the development of old technology, the influence of real-time videos will become more profound; it will further simplify and improve the process of various industries and change the way of obtaining technical support.

Last but not least, online live is not a “Savior” for industries. First, for most LED screen companies, although online live is a trend for the future, the industry is not fully prepared at present. Because both products and brands need following delivery, installation and service to support after holding an online live to promote them, these will show if a screen company has a mature and stable after-sales system. Second, both early market preparation and brand building require screen companies to invest in many efforts. Therefore, only when we combine both online live and traditional offline communication, can we get through the difficulties.

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