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Esdlumen's Fourth quarter award ceremony ended perfectly

Esdlumen's Fourth quarter award ceremony ended perfectly

  • January 27,2021.

"Pay tribute to fighters and carry forward the fighter culture" is the core value of our group. To encourage those fighters who made many contributions and stimulate more staff, Esdlumen held the fourth quarter award ceremony and policy announcement of 2021 on the afternoon of January 22. During the ceremony, the group CEO, Mr. Liu Hujun, foreign sales center general manager, Mr. Wu Zheng, and the business center vice director, Mr. Chen Qinqi, were invited to attend this event and gave an exciting speech.

2020 is an extraordinary year in Esdlumen's development history. Last year, the global epidemic boom one after another, the performance declined in the whole led display industry. However, under our group's strong strength, we integrated our supply chain and promoted the industry-leading "124 Product Plan", which can effectively reduce the delivery time. Meanwhile, we also launched the development strategy of "One Platform, Two Brands, Complementary Advantages, Strong Alliances", which means that Esdlumen focuses on the overseas market and LianTronics focuses on the domestic market. During the third and fourth quarters, Esdlumen's performance began to recover and created many miracles.

The award ceremony has four parts, including the Wolf Warriors Award, Quarterly Award, Yearly Award, and Leadership summary. Under the guidance of the host, the leaders presented prizes to the winning teams and individuals. There were 38 people and 1 team earned the honor. Besides the award ceremony, we also prepared many activities and gifts for those who attended this event.

At the end of the award ceremony, CEO Liu and General Manager Wu made a summary focus on the sales policy and patiently answered the questions that some sales elites pointed out. In addition, Director Chen furtherly pointed out that the key point of performance breakthrough is channel construction and gave a straightforward solution -- Golden Instructor.

Although the award ceremony is finished, the soul of the fighter is still continuing. The past has become a prologue; the future is full of hope. Esdlumen is also full of confidence and dreams to create our new story with perseverance.

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