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Classic Projects of Esdlumen and LianTronics in 2020

Classic Projects of Esdlumen and LianTronics in 2020

  • January 22,2021.

It is a special and difficult year for both the LED screen industry and people in 2020. The epidemic deeply affected the global market. However, with the trust and support of our dear business partners, we still did many miracles as we had created multiple masterworks in the past year. With great appreciation for our clients, we are reviewing the main projects in 2020 below. In 2021, we will keep moving forward step by step and create more value for our clients.

Huge naked-eye 3D LED Wall in Taikoo Li, Chengdu

Huge naked-eye 3D LED Wall in Taikoo Li, Chengdu

The giant glasses-less 3D L-shaped LED wall, created by LianTronics, attracted thousands of attention on the street of Chengdu, which was published on domestic and foreign media, including Top 5 trending topics in Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter). This huge screen allows you to watch the videos with a 3D display effect without wearing special eyeglasses.

Outdoor fine-pitch LED wall in Museum of Art Pudong, Shanghai

Outdoor fine-pitch LED wall in Museum of Art Pudong, Shanghai

Located in Lujiazui, the Museum of Art Pudong became the new landmark building of modern art in Shanghai. Designed by Jean Nouvel, the famous Pritzker Prize winner inspired by Marcel Duchamp's artwork "Grand Verre". There are two pieces of "giant glass" curtain walls on the facade of the Museum facing Huangpu River, behind which settles an 800sqm LED screen created by LianTronics.

More than 100 shaped screens are perfectly embedded into the building's outer wall to create the Museum's logo, which is another creative LED artwork from LianTronics for the Museum of Art Pudong. There is 60mm only for rear accessibility, so all the displays need to be precisely designed and installed to perform well.

LianTronics's VA series shine in Cloud Computing Big Data Center

Settled in Jiangxi's first cloud computing big data center, LianTronics's huge narrow pixel pitch LED screen made its elegant demeanor on the state-run China Central Television (CCTV) in April 2020. With a high refresh rate and high resolution, this 117sqm curved LED visualization platform can dynamically and smoothly show integrated information from different channels.

Curved LED screen creates a technological PSB

curved fine-pitch LED wall

The 100sqm curved fine-pitch LED wall was installed for Shanghai Qingpu Public Security Bureau by LianTronics in 2020, which opens a high-clarity exhibition and monitoring window. This screen features a high refresh rate, automatic brightness adjustment, low noise, etc. The technology of multi-picture deals and multi-signal switching allows you to display various data on one screen.

Integrated Command Center

With an area of 150㎡, The Suzhou Xiangcheng Integrated Command Center adapted LianTronics's P1.2 small-pitch led screen, which is equipped with an informational display system. This screen supports seamless splicing, multi-image deal and signal switching. It can realistically display the whole situation of the community, public security, urban ecology, etc.

China-India Meet-and-Greet, Chennai

The unique shaped LED wall from Esdlumen conveys the warmest greeting during the China-India meeting held at the Chinese Embassy in India. This is a special event to welcome President Xi. The 100 square meter video wall consists of three sides. With a curved screen in the middle and two flat screens on two sides, it forms a hug gesture to celebrate two countries' friendship.

The Wall - Disney+ Hotstar, India

The Wall is a game show in India. About 250sqm rental LED displays had been assembled into a splendid stage by Esdlumen for the show. Their ultra-high refresh rate and excellent grayscale display bring magnificent visual effects for camera-friendly shooting.

Church in Arizona, USA

Two Esdlumen's small-pitch LED screens had upgraded the display equipment of an Arizona church in the USA. These two LED screens were created with the Red-Dot-awarding VE Series fine-pitch LED displays, which features super-sharp and ultra-smooth demonstration in broadcasting to enhance the worship experience of all congregation.

LED Backdrop in Retail Store, USA

The ceiling-to-floor Esdlumen LED wall decorated a retail store in the USA, which stands behind the product exhibition area to display dynamic content with fantastic color depth and fresh colors. The ultra-thin and light panels perfectly wall-mounted onto the wall. With HCC technology, the video wall can create a better shopping experience for our customers.

SANY Group Exhibition Hall in Changsha

LianTronics 132sqm giant U-shaped LED wall surrounds the exhibition hall of SANY Group, the world's 3rd largest heavy equipment manufacturer, opening a vivid window to tell the development stories of this heavy equipment giant. In addition, LianTronics also implemented three other meeting display solutions for this listed company, covering conference rooms of medium to large sizes.

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