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The 2021 channel conference of LianTronics started the journey!

The 2021 channel conference of LianTronics started the journey!

  • January 8,2021.

On January 6, 2021, with the topic of "Born with the sun, Build the future together!", the 2020 channel conference of LianTronics was held in Huizhou Technology Park. Over 100 partners across the country gathered together to witness the shining and health development trends of LianTronics, and our determination to deeply discover the construction of the channel.

With 3 parts of "Topic conference, Park open event, and awards evening", this conference is to let our partners know more about LianTronics's core advantages in various fields, and directly contact LianTronics's industry ecological environment, which guides us to win the future of LED industry with the gesture of hugging the sun.

In the beginning, the CEO, Mr. Liu Hujun, expressed sincerely welcome to all the channel partners, and concluded the LianTronics history from establishing, development to revolution with the words "Once race, three times relay", which showed the determination of deeply discovering the construction of channel with an attitude of revolution, innovation and optimism.

CEO Liu said: "After 20 years of development, LianTronics has a clearer understanding of the LED display industry. With the development of the internet of things and 5G technology, LED display will become a forever topic. As a leading company in this industry, LianTronics has obvious advantages in R&D, production, supply chain, and market. Relying on the core advantages and innovation policy, LianTronics is full of power and confidence to draw the beautiful blueprint of LED display with our partners."

During the conference, CEO Liu also emphatically introduced the policy of "Sunny Plan", and gave a positive reply and commitment focus on 13 core appeals, including price, delivery, quality, etc., which showed LianTronics's extraordinary sincerity and determination on channel construction.

In addition, LianTronics's president, Mr. Liu Xiaowei, and vice president, Mr. Hao Mingjun, and business director, Mr. Guan Qilin,and R&D director, Mr. Hu Bingkun, and production director, Mr. Zhou Jincheng, attended this conference. They respectively gave speaking around multiple dimensions focusing on the "Sunny Plan", supply chain, channel development, core advantages and business policy, mainstream product lines, and quality control, which displayed LianTronics's power on channel and market to partners.

President Liu introduced the forming process of "Sunny Plan", surrounding brand promotion, business opportunity, product plan, contract, quality control, delivery & installation & debugging, training, etc., and concluded the solutions for every part to provide strong support for channel development.

Vice President Hao pointed out the goal of channel construction of LianTronics in 2021, and initially displayed the innovation strategy of distributors and LianTronics's instructors fighting together. It refers to LianTronics's strong project ability of sales cooperates with all the channels to develop. And training LianTronics's elite instructors from ability model, training certification, supervision and draw up an inventory to achieve the result of 1+1>2.

On the aspect of business policy and comprehensive strength, Director Guan summarised LianTronics's core advantages during the past years in the industry, and concluded 3 hard strengths and 3 soft strengths, and detail introduced the core contents of business policy, which can constantly support the channel development.

In the end, on the aspects of product application and quality delivery concerned by all the distributors, Director Hu and Director Zhou respectively dissected in depth. For the display industry's current development trend, LianTronics had launched 6 product lines, including professional, general, conference, outdoor, commercial and rental display, which covers 44 mainstream cabinets, over 90 classic applications, and 23 subdivided industries. What's more, they introduced the production, process, and delivery to show LianTronics' strong quality control ability. All of these unique core advantages will become a powerful weapon for LianTronics to discover the channel market.

Partner Awards Ceremony: New beginning, new journey!

The Partner Awards Ceremony was also held at the conference site. Over 100 partners represent the core power of every area, attended this event. They provided continuous power for LianTronics' "Sunny Plan". 3 golden distributors shared their stories with LianTronics onsite, and described the new concept and direction for all the distributors to face the nowadays competitive market.

During the conference, LianTronics also praised the excellent people and projects, and awarded the sales champion, sales second place, and sales third place awards in 2020, and shared the stories of excellent projects, including Museum of Art Pudong, TaiKoo Li 3D screen, Xinjiang army, etc. As LianTronics's core sales representative, their wonderful share fully proved LianTronics's advantages of helping staff grow and succeed, and proved LianTronics's strength to get the important projects. Under every sales elite's efforts, the sunny flower will fast take root, grow, and shine on the soil of the channel.

As one of the important parts of this conference, LianTronics also held the activity to open the manufacturing park. Partners visited LianTronics's technical results in the LED display tech lab, and learned more about LianTronics's advanced equipment, processes, and quality control system in the manufacturing shop. All the partners witnessed the fertile soil that LianTronics provided to them.

Finally, this conference ended with exciting dancing and laughing, which means LianTronics's "Sunny Plan" formally started. LianTronics sincerely invites more excellent partners to join our team and win-win! Meanwhile, LianTronics will deeply discover various LED display and control fields, and build an intelligent display ecosphere. This conference is not only a self-display but also a new beginning. Through the cooperation mode of innovation and revolution, LianTronics will create more value for clients!

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