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How to disinfect the LED screen

How to disinfect the LED screen

  • April 9,2020.

As the epidemic continually spread, the coronavirus had outbroken all over the world. During this special period of coronavirus, the disinfection in the public occasion becomes very important. As one of the mainstream display products, the LED screens had been used for various places. Therefore, how to disinfect the LED screen has become a considerable problem for many clients.

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Earlier, the expert group of national health committee also highlight the importance of surface disinfection. As we all know, there are many disinfection products on the market, such as 75% of alcohol, 84 disinfectant, etc. But not every disinfection product can be used for the LED screen. If you choose the wrong product to disinfect the LED screen, it may cause irreversible damage. So what should we do to disinfect the LED screen without damaging it?

For different types of LED screen products, we often need to adopt different methods to disinfect. On the market, there are usually two kinds of packaging method for LED lamps, COB and SMD. Among them, the application of SMD packaging is relatively extensive. Most of the mainstream LED screens are adopt SMD packaging, while the COB packaging method is mainly used for small-pitch products.

The COB packaging has two disinfection methods:

1. The screen surface can use 75% of alcohol to wipe. This will not affect your screen.

2. The COB screen can also use 84 disinfectant to spray disinfect the screen surface. Then wipe dry with a wet cloth after 10 minutes.

This was determined by the technology of the COB small-pitch screen. The COB screen doesn’t have the problem of bare lamp foot, and its surface is smooth without seamless, which makes it possible to use alcohol or 84 disinfectant to disinfect. What’s more, this kind of LED lamp packaging method also allows you to disinfect without turning off the screen.

For the SMD screen, you should be very cautious when using disinfectants. SMD technology doesn’t have a “3 protections” function. Its surface is very uneven, which is easy for some harmful materials attach to the screen. There will be a great risk for you to use 84 disinfectant or high-efficient disinfectant to disinfect the SMD screen. As we all know, the main composition of 84 disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite, which has extremely oxidizing. So the 84 disinfectant is corrosive to poorly protected SMD screens. For the SMD screen, we can use 75% of alcohol to disinfect.

During the epidemic, disinfection work is very important. For the LED screen, we should adopt the different methods to disinfect for different types of LED lamp packaging methods.

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