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How can LED Screen helps to control the coronavirus

How can LED Screen helps to control the coronavirus

  • February 28,2020.

The most concerned thing of 2020 must be the coronavirus. As the epidemic goes further, how to restore normal production and ensure the economic order has become the focus of society. From Feb. 10, many companies continually start to work, which may cause an inconvenience to the epidemic control. Therefore, to control the epidemic becomes very important. Then how can LED Screen helps to control the coronavirus?


As one of the main battlefields of the regional government for fighting with the coronavirus, it is very important to have a data visualization in the CDC. By using the LED screen, it can display the epidemic data in real-time, which can help the CDC do a better job on the epidemic investigation, protection and isolation.


During the epidemic, many hospitals are under a situation of the lack of medical resources. The LED screens can display a large number of data of epidemic on one interface, which helps the person in charge to make overall arrangements more efficiently and improve the utilization of medical resources to the highest point. Meanwhile, it can realize online meeting, remote diagnosis via LED screens.

Traffic Command Center

Due to the epidemic, many cities had taken the action of strict traffic control. To better control the epidemic, the traffic command center should know the situation of traffic flow and people flow. The LED screens can effectively integrate all the related information.


Finally, in addition to doing a good job of monitoring, publicity and education for residents is also particularly important. During this time, the responsible community person can show knowledge about how to prevent epidemics and publish various notifications in real-time.

As the most respected professional service provider of LED display, Esdlumen has been committed to the development and production of LED displays and give back to society. During this epidemic, Esdlumen donated medical supplies to the Longhua District CDC for many times to help control the epidemic.

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