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The 8K era is coming, The CAGR of the super small-pitch LED screen will reach 58% during 2019-2023

The 8K era is coming, The CAGR of the super small-pitch LED screen will reach 58% during 2019-2023

  • January 10,2020.

According to the latest research of TrendForce about LED screen, with the boom of high resolution and high dynamic contrast display needs, it was predicted that the CAGR of small pitch LED screen would increase to 27% during 2019-2023. However, due to the low shipment cardinal number of super small-pitch products, it has a big potential to grow, and the CAGR of it will reach 58% during 2019-2023.

TrendForce pointed out that compares with the year 2019, the scale of the global small-pitch LED screen will increase by 31%. Because of the fast market spread, the revenues of many companies increases obviously. In terms of the rank of revenues, the top 6 companies are all Chinese factories. The market share of the top 7 factories almost reaches 66%. With the increasing needs of 8K display, technology improvement and cost reduction in the future, the applications of the LED screen will spread from professional use to commercial use, such as cinema, meeting, and house theater, etc. What's more, it has a high possibility that the LED screen will move to the high-end market, which will cause the scale of the LED screen multiple times increasing.

The super small-pitch LED display will change the competition situation

At the present stage, most of the revenues of the small-pitch LED screens are from the pixel pitch between P1.2-P1.6. With the coming of the Tokyo Olympic Games and 8K resolution, it will cause the pixel pitch of the LED screen to become smaller and smaller. Besides the traditional companies, some international consumer electronics factories, such as Sony, Samsung, LG, also enter the small-pitch LED screen industry, and constantly promote smaller pixel pitch products.

TrendForce predicted that the pixel pitch between P1.2-P1.6 and under P1.1 would grow rapidly in the future. Besides the traditional small-pitch LED screen factories, some new companies also entered this industry, such as some LCD panel companies, TV brands and projector factories also enter, even some upstream suppliers. Every factory hopes to adopt new technology to create super small-pitch LED screens to provide a better resolution and contrast. Therefore, it will be more competitive in the LED screen industry in the future.

This article is from LED Inside, the original article link: https://www.ledinside.cn/research/20191226-46639.html

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