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LianTronics & Esdlumen Held “Star Docent” Speech Contest 2021

LianTronics & Esdlumen Held “Star Docent” Speech Contest 2021

  • September 2,2021.
Through a 3-day preliminary contest from 18th to 20th and a 2-day final one on 27th and 30th August respectively finally come out the winners of "Star Docent" Contest 2021, the speech competition held by LianTronics & Esdlumen International Business Team in Shenzhen headquarters. 2021.

This Contest is one of the Team’s skill expansion activities including production line experience, product lecturing, Lecturer Skill Competition, online training courses, etc.

The final Contest was composed of two parts, one was the introduction presentation of the company, the company’s manufacturing base and showroom, and the other one is the Q&A simulation test for contestants to answer the common-met tough questions from our customers regarding business negotiation in different aspects, driving the Team members to dig deep the needs in views of clients.

To get full preparation, all the contestants have obtained professional speech skill training lasting for 27 days before the contest. Meanwhile, group discussion and brainstorming were taken place for the empowerment of the team members.

After fierce competition, 10 winners stood out at the end from over 60 contestants. Compared with the performance in preliminary, the contestants in the final round were more confident and passionate in their speeches.

“The performance of the team relies on the majority of members rather than the top sales,” said Lilian Zhang, EVP of International Business of LianTronics & Esdlumen. “Time is counting down. The pandemic multiples the practice of video conferences with our customers, but video conferences are like ‘home games’. As soon as we go business trips abroad where we situate the ‘away field’, we are required in a much higher level to express our strengths clearly and professionally.”

In addition, the dual-brand team also praised and rewarded the winning employees.

"Attitude is all. How much efforts that you put into will determine how much achievement that you will gain from it. This contest sets good samples from whom we can learn. We need to learn to empower ourselves to keep moving forward.”

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