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LianTronics & Esdlumen 1200sqm 3D Future World Arrives in a Shopping Mall in Xi'an

LianTronics & Esdlumen 1200sqm 3D Future World Arrives in a Shopping Mall in Xi'an

  • October 12,2021.

A 1200sqm LianTronics & Esdlumen-made giant sky screen has recently settled on Joy City, a large shopping mall in Xi'an, China, creating a stunning 24K 3D future world to build up a new commercial attraction for the city. Providing an unprecedented shopping experience with visual fantasies for the customers, this LED wall is so far the largest PH5mm sky screen nationwide.

The future-world-themed glasses-free 3D LED ceiling was assembled by LianTronics PH5mm LED displays and has almost covered the whole ceiling of the shopping mall. The 24K seamless jumbo-sized LED screen with ultra-high contrast ratio renders a changing magic in space and time staggered fluctuation that it has grabbed the attention straightforward from visitors as soon as they head up. With the perfect combination of surround sound, visitors can enjoy a distinctive astonishing shopping experience all around.

Xi'an, well-known as a great ancient capital of China, undoubtedly impresses the visitors with its specific chram of traditional culture. The LianTronics-made 3D future world LED screen, however, has broken through the traditional cultural impression with personalized display contents for the shopping mall, standing out with unique sense of science and technology among massive shopping complexs. Debuted right during the Chinese New Year holiday, one of the longest holiday for the nation, the 3D future world attraction has greatly increase the foot traffic for the shopping mall.

This is the second time that LianTronics cooperates with COFCO, the large-scale Chinese state-owned holding company who contains diversified business segments including real estate. It is a complete upgrade of the previous project Qin Han Tang sky screen LianTronics made before, which has asked a comprehensive technical improvement to present a glasses-free 3D effect. After multiple times of discussions, LianTronics team has finally optimized a lightweight cabinet design with sharp-contrast mask to pass through various safety tests. The seamless splicing and wide viewing angle particularly contribute to the ultimate enjoyment of the 3D fancy world. All is to invigorate the LED wall with a public brand-new look.

This is another giant glasses-free 3D LED wall from LianTronics after Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu project and Chongqing MICC Building project. LianTronics is always committed to driving innovation development in the past ten years, with the focus on advanced technology and market demands. In the future, LianTronics will continuously provide professional and innovative display solutions for global clients to build up more visual artworks.

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