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LianTronics LED Wall for AIE’s Virtual Production & Filmmaking Studio

LianTronics LED Wall for AIE’s Virtual Production & Filmmaking Studio

  • November 3,2021.

Partnering with AIE, the Liantronics LED wall assembled virtual production studio has finally made a public appearance on an open day activity at the end of October in Canberra, Australia. And there are more sets of LianTronics LED walls going to be applied in AIE’s campuses with the open day activities continued to be held and virtual production courses to be commenced.

As a world-class educator in games, animation & film VFX, AIE (The Academy of Interactive Entertainment) earlier this year announced the world’s first course to specialize in film and virtual production, with open day activity planned to set up an exclusive virtual production studio to showcase film making and virtual production technology in a practical, hands-on and intensive way.

As the central part of the virtual production studio, the LED backdrop is composed of LianTronics advanced Pilot series LED display, which features 7680Hz refresh rate, 144Hz frame rate, 20Bit grayscale, 1500nits brightness, broad color spectrum, and accurate color restoration to deliver a stunning in-camera performance.

“We’re so glad to cooperate with AIE to build up cutting-edge LED virtual soundstages that provide immersive production environments in its campuses to facilitate the virtual production education for future film industry,” said Lilian Zhang, EVP of International Business of LianTronics.

“Large LED screens and advanced virtual production facilities are helping promote the development of the emerging film-making field by constantly boosting production efficiency meanwhile removing creation barriers. LianTronics is exceptionally honored to make an effort to facilitate the process,” said Lilian Zhang.

Except for Canberra, more sets of LianTronics LED walls will be applied in AIE’s campuses in Australia for future showcasing and teaching of virtual production & film-making.

“The successful application of LED walls has in Disney’s The Mandalorian has brought the virtual production to next stage and provide more possibilities for LED walls & XR technology, and on the other hand, it has asked higher requirements for LED screens,” Lilian Zhang added. “LianTronics provides high-quality LED products to deliver incredible display effect with high flexibility and visual performance demanded by virtual production and XR studios. We are dedicated to offering best-in-class visual solutions to satisfy high expectations.”

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