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LianTronics “The WOW 3D Display” Is Shortlisted for AV Awards 2023

LianTronics “The WOW 3D Display” Is Shortlisted for AV Awards 2023

  • August 24,2023.
LianTronics is proud to announce that its innovative “The WOW 3D Display” has been shortlisted for AV Awards 2023 under ‘Visual Technology of the Year’ category.

AV Awards, held by AV Magazine, one of the most prestigious awards in the world for the AV industry, facilitates to recognise the remarkable accomplishments of individuals, businesses, projects, and technologies in the audiovisual, events, and production sectors, while consistently advancing excellence and best practices.

Shortlisted for the ‘Visual Technology of the Year’ category, LianTronics “The WOW” 3D Display shows its innovation in indoor naked-eyes 3D applications. “The W-shaped LED display overcomes conventional glasses-free 3D display limitations including monotonous shapes, single 3D performance space, narrow and uncomfortable viewing angles, restricted installation sites, etc.” said Summer YE, EVP of International Business of LianTronics & Esdlumen, “Besides, the Display with strong interaction brings viewers a more multi-dimensional and more stunning immersive experience, which helps tighten relationships with viewers.”

“The WOW” 3D Display can be applied in corporate culture showcase in business, educational content in teaching, and art exhibition in aesthetic expression and installed in places like showrooms, galleries, museums, memorials and so on to satisfy various interactive needs.

The winner will be announced and celebrated on Friday 3 November, 2023 at Evolution London. “We are thrilled to hear that we're shortlisted as a finalist in AV Awards, the industry-renowned event, which means our products are being recognized by the professionals.” said Summer YE, “It will continuously encourage us to elevate our capacity for innovation and considerate customer service as usually as we do. ”

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