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Another 150 sqm COB LEDs! Esdlumen Supplies 1000 sqm LED Displays Accumulatively to Upgrade Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Another 150 sqm COB LEDs! Esdlumen Supplies 1000 sqm LED Displays Accumulatively to Upgrade Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

  • August 4,2023.

Another 4 sets of Esdlumen P0.9 COB LED displays, totaling 150 sqm with double-sided design, have been put into operation in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport recently. Since 2016, Esdlumen has been offering various intelligent display solutions to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, so far accumulating nearly 1000 sqm LED screens supplied to boost the Airport’s digitalization upgrade.

These 4 sets of dual-sided COB LED screens have been operating stably for a few months at the Security Check Area 2, Terminal 2, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Hanging in the hub of the Airport, these LED screens play an important role in delivering security check tips, publicizing advertising, presenting boarding information, etc. With superb & gorgeous displays, the LED screens can broadcast content of different kinds to grab passengers’ attention when they are waiting in line. The unique double-sided screens can satisfy commercial needs while maintaining an aesthetic and lightweight design.

The LED screens adopt Esdlumen’s VTⅡ0.9 Series, which employs Esdlumen’s Vmicro Display Technology with full flip chip on board (FCOB) packaging to realize a 170+°wide viewing angle and more detailed presentation. 32.5mm thickness makes the dual-sided screen lighter and thinner aesthetically. Featuring 50% brighter than regular LED walls and matte surface craftsmanship, the Esdlumen LED displays are ultra eye-catching yet non-reflective to be seen from different angles. Meanwhile, Esdlumen’s optical surface treatment technology allows ultra-high ink color consistency to present pure colors. Except for the ultra-high contrast ratio and refresh rate, unique energy-saving technology with a common cathode drive can cut power consumption by 40%.

The other LED screens installed before spread in different locations of Terminal 2 with various shapes such as corner column screens and flat screens. Some of them are applied in the departure hall to broadcast commercials, while other LED screens are installed in baggage claims to remind passengers of their luggage information with superb & stunning displays.

Esdlumen has rich experience in providing professional display solutions for global airport over the past two decades, such as Singapore Changi Airport, Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Fiumicino International Airport, etc. To break through geographical restrictions, Esdlumen is keen on intensifying its global service network by furnishing and upgrading its original local offices, warehouses, and showrooms in the USA, Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and other regions. With a comprehensive local service network, Esdlumen can provide more exquisite products and more considerate services to the globe.

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