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Technological innovation leads the future!

Technological innovation leads the future!

  • September 22,2020.

——Esdlumen was invited to attend the 17th China Scientists Forum

On September 22, 2020, the 17th China Scientists Forum was held at China National Convention Center, Beijing. This forum had invited over 2000 people to discuss technology innovation's hot point problems together, including academicians, scientists, corporate scientists, experts, entrepreneurs, etc. Established in 2002, The China Scientists Forum has become a nationwide technology innovation event of sharing "production, learning and research". With the purpose of "Technological innovation leads the future", this forum plays an important role in promoting technology development, which is an important platform to promote our country's innovation development.

As the world-leading professional LED display solution provider, Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd. (Esdlumen) attended this forum as a representative of industry technical enterprise. Our CEO, Mr. Wu Zheng, accepted the invitation to attend this forum. Esdlumen has a high market state on the rental field of LED screen, especially on the stage rental field; Esdlumen's Wing Series even has the honor of "the king of rental". During this Scientists Forum, Esdlumen owned the award of "Golden Wing Award · China's scientific and technological innovation and invention achievements" on R&D and industrialization of UHD stage rental mini LED display terminal technology. In addition, our CEO, Mr. Wu Zheng, honored the award of "Sinan Award · China Advanced Individual in Science and Technology Innovation".

In the past few years, Esdlumen got many honors, such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "China LED Innovative Product and Technology Award", "Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record", etc., which fully expressed Esdlumen's technical innovation on the LED display field. What's more, in the LED screen industry, Esdlumen is one of the few professional manufacturing enterprises in the world with independent research and development of peripheral products such as display, control system, video processor, control cabinet and power distribution cabinet. Our independent research and development of the whole system ensure the coordination and perfection of application operation.

This forum includes 6 parts: The opening meeting, academician forums, special events of technology leads the development, special projects promotion events, special events of promoting the integration of production and research, and promotion events. According to the organizer, this forum will carry out a series of events about "Innovative China Season", which will last about three months.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces; innovation is the primary driving force for development, and scientific achievements can promote human innovation. We believe this forum will definitely inspire all industries to lead China with technological innovation, and let the world re-recognize China!

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