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"New Products + New Applications"! Esdlumen leads Beijing InfoComm China!

"New Products + New Applications"! Esdlumen leads Beijing InfoComm China!

  • September 29,2020.

On September 28, 2020, The InfoComm China, which had been postponed half years, was held in Beijing National Convention Center. As the grand business exhibition of professional audio & visual and integrated solutions in the Asia-Pacific, Beijing InfoComm China 2020 is a platform for various industries to discover creativities, find the best solutions, and prepare for the global warming market. Although the epidemic influenced it, InfoComm China still attracted many exhibitors and clients to attend this exhibition. Over 100 exhibitors launched new products and solutions for the first during the exhibition.

Adhere to the corporate vision of "Become the most respected servicer of LED display solution in the world", Esdlumen not only brought our latest products, but also brought the industry mainstream and fashion solutions. During this exhibition, the main exhibited products of Esdlumen included KingKong (Security Monitoring), BIM Max (Meeting), Medusa (New Retail), BIM Pro (Business Advertising), etc., which made this exhibition more colorful. With good quality products and industry fashion solutions, Esdlumen attracted many clients to enjoy our booth.

KingKong Series P1.2 – Security Monitoring

KingKong Series P1.2

On Esdlumen's booth, the security monitoring screen created with the 1.2mm KingKong Series was especially shocking. This screen provided clients a totally new visual experience. The curved screen made it a better three-dimensional display effect and gave the operators a better sensory experience. In addition, with 7680x1620 UHD resolution and seamless splicing technology, it made the screen clearly show more details while saving more installation space. As a security monitoring screen, our KingKong Series also had the redundant power supply and signal, which supported 7x24h real-time monitoring and ensured the monitoring process safe and stable.

BIM Max Series P1.6 - Meeting

BIM Max series P1.6

Esdlumen's meeting screen was created with our new product BIM Max series P1.6. Due to the ultra-slim body, it supported totally wall-mounted, which made the screen integrated with the whole meeting room. The 16:9 golden ratio could perfectly display any PPTs and videos during the meeting; this design could make your meeting a better visual enjoyment. To better meet a meeting's needs, our screen supported multi-screen interaction, wireless screen mirroring, and remote meetings, which made your meeting more efficient.

Medusa – New Retail

Due to the unique display effect, this kind of display technology had won unanimous praise in the industry once released. Especially in early October, after the Xiaomi Company launched the first transparent TV, the transparent display technology became a hot topic in the industry. In this InfoComm China exhibition, Esdlumen also displayed our latest display technology. This screen was built with Esdlumen's Medusa Series. Under the pixel pitch of P3.91, it still kept a transparency rate of 70%; it allowed you to see what behind the screen clearly. What's more, this screen was equipped with the industry high refresh IC solution and high quality LED chip, making the screen has a higher contrast and wider viewing angle.

BIM Pro P1.9 – Business Advertisement

BIM Pro P1.9

As one of the mainstream applications of LED screen, you might see business advertisements everywhere. Esdlumen also brought business advertisement solution to the exhibition. With 1.9mm pixel pitch and seamless splicing technology, it made your advertisements more vivid and displayed more details, which was better for you to deliver your brand. Esdlumen's BIM Pro series adopted the latest HCC technology, it was economical while having a higher brightness. Furthermore, this product also had the redundant power supply and signal, which allowed you to display your advertisements 7x24h and better shape the brand image.

In recent years, besides focusing on product innovation, Esdlumen also paid attention to the LED screen's mainstream and fashion applications. We integrated our products into various scenes, and provided our clients with a whole solution. We committed to creating more values for our clients while meeting their needs.

The exhibition will last 3 days (from September 28 to September 30). If you want to know more about our products, welcome to our booth (PD5-01 & PE5-01) to discuss more details with us. Looking forward to your coming!

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