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Esdlumen’s second and third season of awards conference ended perfectly

Esdlumen’s second and third season of awards conference ended perfectly

  • October 22,2020.

Yesterday afternoon, Esdlumen's second and third season of awards conference was held during 16:00-17:30. All the staff attended this event. Furthermore, our CEO Mr. Wu Zheng, Operations Director Mr. Chen Qingqi and Marketing Director Mr. Zhang Qiuping, presented this conference and made important speeches.

The first part of this event is the promotion ceremony of the Wolf Warriors Club. As the second member of Esdlumen's Wolf Warriors Club, our Operation Director, Mr. Chen, awarded Tina and give her the gift and medal. Although the global epidemic deeply influences America, and the trading contradiction between China and America, Tina still create the 10-million-yuan largest order this year. She proved the War Warriors spirit of "Face to the difficulties, take the initiative" by her own strength.

After the ceremony of War Warriors Club, our CEO, Mr. Wu Zheng, make a before conference speech and approbate the marketing team's work. In addition, Mr. Wu announced the new progress rate of the integration of Esdlumen and LianTronics, and announced the new sales policy. In the end, Mr. Wu asked all support departments and managers to provide our sales team the best supports, and asked all sales elites to keep a good mood to serve our clients during the epidemic.

After the speech, the award ceremony officially started. There are seven awards during the conference, including "New Excellence Sales Award", "New Client Development Award", "New and Key Products Promotion Award", "Inquiry Order Award and Projects Submission Award", "Market Service Outstanding Contribution Award", "Golden After-sales Service Award", "Sales Champion, Runner-up, and Third Place Award". What's more, to make this awards conference more exciting, we also prepared two times of lotteries to interact with the audience.

There are award winners who made a speech during every award. Although their experiences are different, they also have the same feature – Persist to serve our clients by heart. Just like the sales runner-up, Donald said:" Although your clients don't place an order now, if you serve them by heart, they will give you a special surprise in the near future!"

When the award conference ended, our marketing director, Mr. Zhang, announced the fourth season's encouraging policy to all the marketing center. And the operation director, Mr. Chen, also expounds on the situation of our "124 Products" plan. In the end, the operation manager, Mr. Geng, invited all the staff to attend to the activity of climbing the YangTai mountain this weekend. After that, the award conference ended perfectly with cheers.

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