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Esdlumen performed excellent during the epidemic!

Esdlumen performed excellent during the epidemic!

  • October 30,2020.

When entering the fourth season of 2020, Esdlumen got many big orders during this time. On October 21, 2020, the South American sales elite got an order of 10.3 million yuan and entered our Wolf Warriors Clue. On October 28, 2020, the European sales elite got an order of 1.89 million yuan and entered the Wolf Warriors Club. So why Esdlumen can create lots of good news during the period of the overseas market's epidemic outbreak.

Just like all the foreign trade companies, Esdlumen faced many difficulties at the beginning of the year. On the one hand, our sales could not go abroad, so it was difficult for our sales to develop clients. On the other hand, the delay in production led to delays in delivery, which caused the order following to be difficult. But there were no difficulties in front of Esdlumen. Adhering to the corporate spirit of "a little progress every day, and never give up if you don't succeed", we quickly found the solutions.

Because we could not visit our clients to recommend our new products, Esdlumen held many Facebook online live for the overseas market. We made an appointment with our clients before the online live, and let the professional technical staff explain our products during the online live, and answered clients' questions. What's more, we also created a VR showroom, which allowed our clients to look at our new products and applications by themselves without visiting our factory.

To solve the delivery delay, Esdlumen began to integrate the resources with our brother company, LianTronics, to realize the supply chain's upgrade and complementary advantages. What's more, we promoted a totally new plan of "124 Plan", which could realize the delivery time within 10-15 days. After the integration, not only solving the problem of delivery delays, but also increasing the delivery speed more than before.

After half a year's preparation, when other competitors were confused about the market, Esdlumen had gained big orders that others could not get. Under the epidemic, there were both opportunities and threats. Only our Wolf Warriors team, who had a clear goal and strict discipline, could develop in adversity. Just as Esdlumen's CEO, Mr. Wu Zheng, said, "Epidemic + group integration, this year is really hard. Thanks to everyone. Just persevere! Tomorrow will be better!"

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