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Esdlumen won two awards for outdoor and rental LED screen industries

Esdlumen won two awards for outdoor and rental LED screen industries

  • December 4,2020.

At the end of November, Esdlumen received two notices about our company won awards from HC LED and GG LED, including the "top 10 stage rental LED screen" and "Innovative technology and product".

Among the many attended companies, Esdlumen expressed excellently. It was not surprising to win two honors. As a professional company in the rental LED screen industry, our Dazzle series and Wing Series products were always praised.

This year, Esdlumen began to deeply develop the rental market and promote many new products, including Wing Series (Light & Thin; Supports front and rear maintenance), Pilot Series (Fast installation), and Mini Pro (P1.5 small pixel pitch). With these excellent products, Esdlumen can further strengthen the state in the rental LED display industry.

In the outdoor display industry, Esdlumen also has many high-quality products, including Blade Series, Helios Series, and the 16:9 golden ration Hercules Series. Even the screen which was installed ten years ago is still working normally now. It is strong evidence for showing Esdlumen's perfect craftsmanship and design.

In the past ten years, Esdlumen always insists on the business philosophy of "Innovation is the soul", and invests many resources in product development, and insists on independent innovation to master core technology. So these two industry awards are well deserved by Esdlumen.

In 2020, Esdlumen has entered a new era of development. Adhering to LianTronics Group's development policy of "one platform, two brands, strong alliances, and complementary advantages", Esdlumen will optimize and integrate resources with the help of our group, and further develop overseas markets, focusing on the stage rental industry, and achieving a brand upgrade of new and fashionable.

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