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The advantages and disadvantages of small-pitch LED screen and traditional LCD screen

The advantages and disadvantages of small-pitch LED screen and traditional LCD screen

  • July 26,2019.

In recent years, with the development of LED display technology, small-pitch LED began to appear on various industry media. Compared with traditional LCD screen, what kinds of advantages and disadvantages do small-pitch LED screen and traditional screen have? Let’s understand from the below aspects.

Splicing seam

The first aspect is the splicing seam. If you want to splice a lager screen, usually the LCD screen has an obvious splicing seam. Although the LCD companies focus on making the screen border more and slimmer, this problem still can’t be avoided. By contraries, the small-pitch LED screen can realize seamless splicing.

Display effect

The other one is display effect. We mainly discuss this aspect from the indicates of Gray Scale, Contrast, Brightness and Refresh Rate. The LCD screen often has a better display effect, while after long time use, the brightness will reduce. The LED screen does a good deal in grayscale, contrast and refresh rate. It can also easily solve the light fade problem by point-by-point correction.


The resolution may be one of the most important factors that the customers often care. LCD has a higher resolution, and a 43-inch LCD screen can achieve 4K high-definition display. On the other hand, because the pixel of LED display technology is composed of lamp beads, under the premise of cost control, the resolution is lower than other technologies normally. Therefore, within the specified dimensions, the LED screens are more difficult to splice the required resolution. Nevertheless, if the LED screen is only used in outdoor advertising fields, there is no need for high resolution. Customers only care about display effects and brightness.

Nowadays, the small-pitch LED screen mainly used in the commercial field, which can customize the screen size according to the application scene and realize the seamless splicing. This feature makes the LED screen differ from other commercial display products. While for the household field, due to the high cost of small-pitch LED screen, so the LCD screen may still be the mainstream in the household field.

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