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What features should an outdoor LED screen have?

What features should an outdoor LED screen have?

  • August 2,2019.

Nowadays, we can see many LED screens in our daily life, both indoor and outdoor. Due to the different applications, so there are also some differences between these two kinds of LED screens. Especially for outdoor LED display, it often has stricter requirements of outdoor LED screen in order that it can stably run in outdoor condition. So What features should an outdoor LED screen have?

High Brightness

Typically, the sunlight in the outdoor condition is strong. To have a better display effect, the outdoor LED screen should in a high brightness to avoid the influence of the sunlight. In addition, if you install an LED screen in outdoor condition, it means that we may watch the screen in a far distance. It also requires the LED display has high brightness. If the brightness is low, we can't watch the screen clearly.

High IP rating

The outdoor LED screen often install in some crowed places, so the IP rating becomes very important. Besides considering the stability of its structure, it also needs to have various protection capabilities such as waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, etc. In outdoor condition, the IP rating should up to IP65. Only in this way, can an outdoor LED screen extend its service life.

Efficient heat dissipation

The LED display itself generates a large amount of heat during operation, so it is more prone to heat in outdoor high-temperature environments. If the heat dissipation is not enough, the entire integrated circuit will not normally work, which will cause it easy to be burned. Therefore, the outdoor LED display must choose the module with the function of heat dissipation.

Besides I mentioned above, there are still some other factors that also affect whether an LED screen can be used outdoors, such as wide viewing angle, energy-saving, and so on. It is obvious that when we choose the outdoor LED screen, we need to pay more attention to the parameters and functions of the screen itself and choose the appropriate LED screen according to the different applications we install.

As a world-leading LED company, Esdlumen is engaged in producing high quality indoor and outdoor LED screen. Our Hercules series is specially designed for outdoor condition. With the IP rating of IP65 and 10000nits brightness, it can provide you a better visual enjoyment for outdoor watching.

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