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What is Transparent LED Screen

What is Transparent LED Screen

  • August 20,2019.

Nowadays, with the fast development of technology, people’s demand for displays is also becoming more diverse. The traditional LED displays are no longer sufficient for some customers. Therefore, more and more creative screens appear in recent years. Transparent LED screen is one of them. As one of the industry leading LED company, Esdlumen also launched a new transparent LED screen, which named Medusa.

Transparent LED display, as its name implies, is a light-transmissive LED screen like glass. Transparency is the main feature of this screen. By the way, the transparent screen doesn’t mean 100% transparency rate. It only means the screen has a transparency rate of about 50%-95%, which can let people see the things behind the screen.

Usually, the thickness of the transparent screen is about 10mm. Its high transparency rate is related to the unique material, structure, and installation method. The main innovation of the transparent LED screen is its light bar, which reduces the block of sightline to improve the transparency rate. So what features does a transparent LED screen have?

1. High performance of anti-collision.

2. With high transparency rate about 50%-95%, this kind of screen can ensure the original light selecting of the glass curtain wall.

3. Saving space and lightweight, with a thickness of only 10mm, and the weight of the screen is only 15kg/, which can directly fix on the glass curtain wall without change the structure of the building. Saving large cost of installation and maintenance.

4. Due to its unique display effect of creating a sense that the images are levitating on the glass curtain wall, which do a good performance on advertisement effect and art effect.

5.Low power consumption and environmentally friendly. Heat dissipation without air-conditioner, which can save over 30% of power than ordinary LED screens.

Above is the brief introduction of transparent LED screen. Nowadays, the applications of transparent LED screen become broader and broader. You may see transparent LED screens everywhere, such as stage, shopping mall, science museum and so on. Meanwhile, this kind of display technology also increases the creativity of advertisement field.

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