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The Annual Conference of Esdlumen ended perfectly

The Annual Conference of Esdlumen ended perfectly

  • January 8,2020.

On Jan. 4, 2019, With the topic of "Walk with Heart, Be Efficient in 2020", Esdlumen's "Awards Conference of 2019 & Goal Determination of 2020" event was held as scheduled. There are 5 sections for this event to conclude our work results of 2019 and award the staff who performance excellent. Meanwhile, for the year 2020, we will strengthen our basic, confirm our goals and plan our future!

At 1:30 pm, the event began! At first, the host introduced every leader and expressed welcome for their coming. Thereafter, the vice president, Mr. Zhu, gave an opening speech, which means the annual conference officially began!

First of all, to praise those who silently provide help to the frontline staff, Esdlumen set up 3 awards to encourage them, including "Excellent Screw Award", "The Best Assistance Award" and "Service Star Award". They not only perfectly finished their own works, but also selflessly help other colleagues. They set an example for us and drive the enthusiasm of Esdlumen's staff.

As we all know, technology is the basis of a technology company. Only we have the best technology, can we alive in a highly competitive industry. For people, it is the same. To praise those who have skilled skills and good ideas, there are still 3 awards, including "Excellent Skill Award", "Excellent Team leader" and "Excellent Proposal Award". They continually strengthen their skills, which makes them become the most solid backing!

The year 2019 may be a hard year! However, due to the company spirit of "Never Give Up Until Success", we still accomplish the goals of 2019. Whenever what time it is, Esdlumen's salespersons are like the wolves. They work under team cooperation and confirm their goals. To encourage them to still maintain the passion in the year 2020, we also set awards for those who reach the sales amount of 10 million in the year 2019. What's more, they are also the members of our "Elite Club". The reason why they can reach such a high level is because of their hard work.

"Innovation is the Soul" is our company's business philosophy. Pioneering and innovation have always been the tireless pursuit of our technology team. In the past 2019, our R & D technology team has also achieved fruitful results. Every technical breakthrough means many times trying and persistence of our technical staff. Next, let us see their outstanding technical talents.

Efficiency! This may be a problem that many excellent companies concern. In the year 2020, we still persist the slogan of "Efficiency is the First!". There are also some awards to praise the staff for their high efficiency in 2019.

At last, all the departments took an oath of their goals and slogan. It means this event was about to end. After the ending speech of our CEO, Mr. Duan, Esdlumen's annual conference was perfectly ended.

Let's be full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. In 2020, we will walk together with the heart!

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