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The Excellent Projects of Esdlumen in 2019

The Excellent Projects of Esdlumen in 2019

  • 2020-01-16

The year 2019 has passed by, and the year 2020 is coming. For the past year, we did many projects all over the world, which has covered almost every field, such as Broadcasting, Shopping mall, TV Show, and many other events. Furthermore, there are also some excellent projects we did.

1000 sqm Wing Series P3.91 for Car Show (Trumpchi)

Trumpchi is one of the largest car companies in China. During their third-quarter car show, About 1000 sqm of Esdlumen’s Wing Series P3.91 was installed for their grand event. With the unique design, these screens made this event more shocking.

250 sqm Wing Plus P3.9 for TV Show (The Wall)

The Wall is an Indian program which is very famous in India. To improve the program effect, the show group choose to use Esdlumen’s LED screen. There was 250 sqm Wing Plus P3.9 installed on the stage to display the program contents dynamically. Combine with the lighting effect, and it makes this TV Show more attractive.

200 sqm BIM Plus P3.1 for a shopping mall (Hong Kong Sun Plaza)

Different from the traditional poster, the screen can display the image dynamically, which makes the advertisement vividly! The HongKong Sun Plaza is a large shopping mall with large human traffic. 200 sqm BIM Plus P3.1 of Esdlumen ware installed for it. This project almost includes all the solutions that a shopping mall needs, such as the sky screen, corner screen, elevator screen, etc. These screens improved the level of the mall.

150 sqm IA P2.5 for the showroom (Zheshang Building)

This must be a very successful project! In the past, the showroom of the Zheshang building is only a traditional showroom, which is very common. After installing 100 sqm Esdlumen’s IA P2.5 LED screen, it makes the showroom full of the sense of technology.

The year 2019 was passed by! In the year 2020, Esdlumen will work more hard to create more excellent projects. Let’s look forward to it!

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