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The new indoor rental LED display of Esdlumen – Pilot Series

The new indoor rental LED display of Esdlumen – Pilot Series

  • December 6,2019.

With the continuous entering of LED screen companies, the competition in the LED display market is becoming more and more fierce. At present, the LED display market mainly includes three major segment markets: Rental, Fixed, and small-pitch. Furthermore, the rental market has the most outstanding performance. At present, many people in the industry are very optimistic about the rental market and believe that the rental market is a major trend in this industry. The development of the rental LED screen market can be summarized into four stages: 2002-2006 was the initial stage, 2007-2010 was a period of the rapid development of rental screens, the rental market was stable in 2011, and the rental industry has the most fierce competition since 2012. However, although the rental market has great advantages, many screen companies adopt a conservative competitive strategy, and the update of rental products is limited to changes only in appearance. This also directly leads to the obvious homogeneity of the rental products and lack of function innovation.

Obviously, it is difficult to meet the long-term needs of customers just by innovation in appearance. If the product needs to better adapt to the rental market, then it is necessary to understand the "key points" of customers better. What problems will be encountered during the use of the product? Based on the "innovation is our soul" business philosophy, Esdlumen is always committed to research and development products that meet customers' needs! We have always held a high market share in the rental market, and the Wing Series was called "The King of Rental". And now, we relaunch a new indoor rental product - Pilot Series.

The new indoor rental product has the characteristics of high performance, high quality and high cost-effective. We believe that it will soon lead the rental market, and effectively solve common problems in the use of rental products:

The issues of bad lamps and dead lamps —— Patented corner protector design

Rental screens often need to be transported, so the design of the LED screen itself must be sturdy enough to adapt the process of transportation, especially around the cabinet. Otherwise, it is easy to collide during the transportation process, causing LED damage. Even if there is only one LED lamp broken, it will also affect the overall display effect. Therefore, the Pilot series continued the design of the Wing Series' anti-collision angle. After multiple tests, it effectively prevented the lamps from the collision and dead lamps.

Slow installation and difficult maintenance —— 7.7kg, only 1.5 seconds for a single person to install

For rental screens, it is necessary to disassemble and install repeatedly, and the efficiency of disassembly & installation is crucial in practical use. Just thinking about it, a screen with heavyweight and low installation efficiency is a headache for the staff. In addition, the overweight cabinet will cause safety hazards during the installation. The Pilot series of Esdlumen weighs only 7.7kg and comes with an auxiliary installation structure. The box can be quickly absorbed, only 1.5 seconds for a single person to install the screen, which effectively improves the installation efficiency.

Easy disassembly and installation of power box —— Cockpit opening design of a fighter plane

As an excellent rental screen, it must have the feature of quick and straightforward maintenance. The cabinet design of the Pilot series is simple, with no fancy design, no extra wires. With the cockpit opening design of a fighter plane of the power box, you can take out the power box easily, which completely solves the risk of damage the cabinet due to the wrong operation.

In the LED display market, Esdlumen always accumulates and improves to make the products meet clients' needs. We believe that the "Pilot Series" will become the next generation of "The King of Rental" due to its high performance, high quality and easy maintenance.

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