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The Q1 market situation of the LED screen industry

The Q1 market situation of the LED screen industry

  • June 16,2020.

As we all know, as a non-essential, the LED screen market was deeply affected by the epidemic; the whole industry shows an obvious decrease in trends during this time. Most of the LED screen companies get information through their own experience or market feedback. Until the top 6 LED screen companies release their Q1 financial report, we know the actual situation of the Q1 LED display market in China. Because the epidemic is a global event, many companies also face to global clients. The global LED screen market data can give screen companies a better reference, and effectively help them develop the oversea market.

During the past period, our country's top 6 listed companies gradually released there Q1 report, which shows the situation of the LED screen market under the epidemic. Due to the influence of the epidemic, cause the work resume and logistics recovery were delayed. Furthermore, because Q1 is always the offseason of the LED screen industry, the performance of the top 6 companies all declined; the declining scale is from 7% to 50%. Therefore, the whole LED screen market shows a decline during Q1. Many companies' capital turnover is not smooth, and it is in a passive state. When the epidemic situation in my country gets better, the outbreak of the overseas epidemic caused the suspension or delay of most gathering activities, which cause the oversea market to become worse. According to the data, The global LED display market is driven by the small-pitch LED screen in Q1 2020; and the small-pitch products increased year by year. The total shipment volume of the LED screen in Q1 was 255,648 square meters. Compared with the sales volume of 215,148 square meters in 2019, it has increased by 18.8%. But a decrease of 33% from the fourth quarter of 2019, and China's LED display market suffered a severe blow, with shipments falling by 59.4%.

For this situation, some industry professionals pointed out that although the shipment volume of the LED screen is increasing in Q1 2020, the increasing scale is weaker than the past years. The main reason is that the Chinese screen company extended vacation time, which causes the shipment delay and further influent the whole supply chain. According to the shipment volume, although under the influence of the epidemic, the small-pitch LED screens were still widely used in safety fields. China's shipments are still ranked first; North America is the second-largest market, the region's shipments in the same period are almost the same, down 6% month-on-month; Western Europe's shipments rank third; because the Asia-Pacific region is close to China, the Asia-Pacific region's shipments have also been severely affected.

Q1 is also the period when the epidemic happened in our country. Due to the needs of prevention and isolation, the small-pitch LED screens were popular in safety fields and video meetings. The shipments of LED screens with the pixel pitch of under P1 is increasing fast, which stand out during the epidemic. The P1-P2 small-pitch LED screen increased by 50.8% during the Q1; the P2-P3 small-pitch LED screen market increased by 83.3%. These various indications show that the small-pitch LED screen becomes more popular in the LED screen market, and it will have large market shares in the future.

According to the global Q1 report, the shipments of the global LED screen is decline, but the market still has large requirements of small-pitch LED display. As the epidemic gradually under control in China, many projects start again, and the LED screen market is recovering.

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