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Can LED screen instead of projection in the movie theater?

Can LED screen instead of projection in the movie theater?

  • June 5,2020.

As the LED screen become more and more popular, it can be used for almost all fields, even in the movie theater. But as we all know, the traditional LED screen has its limits on resolution; we often need to watch the screen from a long distance to get better visual enjoyment. So we can see many LED screens were installed for outdoor conditions. For movie theater, what kind of LED screen can be used instead of projection?

Nowadays, most of the movie theaters still adopt the technology of projection. It means the image is projected on the white curtain by the projector. As the small pitch LED screen is born, it begins to be used for the indoor fields, and gradually replace the projection technology. Therefore, the potential market space for small-pitch LED displays is huge.

Why do we need to use an LED screen instead of a traditional projection? Are there some disadvantages of projection technology?

Normally, most of the playback equipment used in traditional theaters is projection technology. Because the projection system uses the principle of reflection imaging, the distance between the projected light and the center of the screen is different, and the position of the three primary color light sources in the projection tube is different. This feature causes the projected picture is easy to exist with a small amount of pixel defocus and colorful edge. In addition, the movie screen uses a white curtain, which will reduce the contrast of the picture.

While the high brightness is one of the outstanding features of the LED screen, it generally adopts the principle of self-illumination, each pixel emits light independently, so the display effect is the same in different positions of the screen. What’s more, the LED screen adopts all black screen background, which has better contrast than traditional projection technology. The self-illumination allows LED screens to display images under a bright indoor condition, which can effectively reduce the hardware requirements of the movie theater. Esdlumen’s BIM Mini has a pixel pitch of 0.9mm, which can easily splice a 2K/4K/8K large screen.

BIM Mini

For now, more and more movie theaters begin to use small pitch LED screen to replace projection systems. With the features of high brightness, seamless splicing, and flexibility, it is no longer out of reach for small-pitch LED displays to be used for private cinemas, entertainment centers, small projection halls, clubs, etc.

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