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What are the advantages of front maintenance of LED display

What are the advantages of front maintenance of LED display

  • May 29,2020.

When choosing the LED screen, we often listen to two words of "Front Maintenance" and "Rear Maintenance". What are the differences between these two maintenance methods? May this article can let you know more about it.

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Rear maintenance always used for large outdoor LED screens, which can be seen on the outer wall of buildings. There will be a maintenance channel behind the screen to meet operators' needs of daily maintenance. Therefore, this installation method is complicated and wastes time and effort. Obviously, this way of maintenance isn't suitable for small indoor spaces.

As the small-pitch LED screens become more and more popular, the front maintenance gradually becomes the mainstream of LED displays. About front maintenance, usually, the LED screen modules and cabinets were fixed with magnetism. When there is a need for maintenance, using the magnetic tool to take off the trouble modules from the front of the cabinets. This maintenance method can not only make the screen lighter and thinner but also it can save space.

Both of the two methods have their own advantages. For example, the rear maintenance LED screens often have a lower price, and it is efficient for maintenance. This kind of maintenance method is a more economical choice of outdoor building large screens, roof screens, and column screens. For front maintenance, its advantage is saving space, especially for those rooms, which are very small. This kind of maintenance method is very convenient for disassembly and assembly. When there is a single point of error, one person can quickly repair it. It should be noted that the front maintenance products usually have high density, and special attention should be paid to ventilation and heat dissipation to avoid affecting normal use. Esdlumen’s BIM Max is specially designed for indoor environments. This LED screen supports fully wall-mounted and full front maintenance, which can effectively save installation spaces.


In recent years, as the LED screen industry developed quickly, many factories have begun developing small pitch LED screens, and their technology has reached a higher level. While the pixel pitch becomes smaller, the screen body's thickness is also thinner, especially for the front maintenance small-pitch LED screens. Nowadays, the small-pitch LED display is entering a period of rapid development, and users pay more attention to the experience and design of the screen. A screen easy-to-use and beautiful is more popular.

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