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Traverse into the Esdlumen New Era: Esdlumen Upgrades Headquarters Showroom and Unveils Brand Mascot

Traverse into the Esdlumen New Era: Esdlumen Upgrades Headquarters Showroom and Unveils Brand Mascot

  • May 31,2024.

To enhance the customer visiting experience and boost brand image, Esdlumen recently completed a significant upgrade of its headquarters showroom. On May 31st, Esdlumen officially unveiled its new showroom, which marks a milestone in its commitment to excellence, alongside the announcement of its latest brand mascot.

Esdlumen' renovated showroom increases 58% over its previous area to 1000+ square meters. Along with the great richness of application scenarios spanning spatial art, 3D creativity, interactive education, rental & staging, sports, transportation and more, it virtually immerses the visitors into an alluring and enigmatic adventure tale, as implied by the showroom new theme -- “Traverse into the Esdlumen New Era”.

At the showroom's opening ceremony, Esdlumen as well unveiled its brand mascot—an elegant blue whale by the name of Xiao Lian. As the largest marine animal on Earth, the blue whale is typically regarded as a symbol of power, intelligence, and independence. By using the blue whale as its brand mascot, Esdlumen aims to convey its brand culture and philosophy such as tenacity, bravery, willingness to explore and innovate, and dedication to sustainable development to customers.

“It is a privilege to witness the upgrade and renovation of our showroom with all of our employees at this special moment.” said Summer YE, EVP of International Business at Esdlumen & Esdlumen. “This new showroom not only further elevates space utilization but also improves client satisfaction and enables a better presentation of our goods and services”.

“Embarking on a captivating journey themed ‘Traverse into the Esdlumen New Era’, this is an immersive exhibition featuring our iconic brand mascot, Xiao Lian, delving into the vast cosmos. Step into our modern showroom and you can witness Xiao Lian's adventures unfolding through an array of mesmerizing stories, showcasing LED display applications across various scenes, including rental and staging, commercial display, glasses-free 3D creativity, sports, transportation, education and more.” introduced Summer YE.

“Esdlumen will increase more interactive and experience-improvement sessions in the showroom to attract more customers to join and share with us. Besides, Esdlumen will also keep investigating the products, solutions and services for customers to enhance brand recognition and mutual value,” added Summer YE.

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