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Esdlumen Unveils State-of-the-art Rental and Commercial Innovation at SLS Expo 2024

Esdlumen Unveils State-of-the-art Rental and Commercial Innovation at SLS Expo 2024

  • May 8,2024.
The SLS Expo 2024 takes place from May 7th to May 9th, 2024 in Saudi Arabia, providing a platform for attendees to pause, observe, and learn about the most recent advancements and enlightening innovations. Welcome to Stand 4E60 and experience more cutting-edge technologies!

Two remarkable rental LED displays, one door-frame shaped and the other rectangular, are suspended for display. Both screens utilize Esdlumen’s Pilot Pro Series, renowned for its convenient and swift installation with 1-second fast locking.  What’s more, the panels can shape your LED wall as you want. Pilot Pro adopts universal hanging bars for hanging. Moreover, Pilot Pro enables curved, staggered, and 90°splicing for more creative shapes such as the door shape.

Next to these two hanging screens is our brand-new rental LED display: Dazzle IV Series, which supports indoor and outdoor use for different styles of staging and events. The hanging one is Dazzle IV3.9, an outdoor LED screen. It allows flexible up-down splicing between 500*500 and 500*1000 panels. Optional climbable structures for convenient setup. What’s more, its maximum stacking and hanging height is 10m.

Esdlumen’s irregularly curved pillar screen is hanging directly above the booth. The solution combines BIM Plus-X Series with BIM MIN Series, both hot selling in commercial applications. Mixed splicing with BIM MIN Series, the BIM Plus-X Series can form many creative irregular curved shapes.

Esdlumen also offers a special place for visitors to experience its latest products, such as outdoor MPA Pro Ⅱ Series and indoor Dazzle IV Series. Welcome to our booth to experience the latest rental and commercial visual innovation. Besides, Esdlumen will showcase industry-leading technologies on June 12-14 at InfoComm USA 2024. Stay tuned for more updates!

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