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How Can Eastar Ensure LED Display Screen Never To Be Blank

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/02/07

The opening ceremony of Sochi Olympics was held on Feb. 7th in Russia but a brief interlude made the host embarrassed for the blank screen when the countdown was to the last 5 seconds. Besides, another mistake came into being when the edelweiss was transformed into Olympic rings, which led five rings to four in the end.

   As one of the leading LED display and lighting professional solutions providers, we are to analyze the blank screen event from the perspective of professional as follows: the blank screen event may be caused by different reasons of poor line contact, the fault of signal receiving card or the failure of electric power distribution, any of which can lead to blank screen phenomenon.

   How can Eastar prevent LED display to be blank screen?

   Firstly, we use high quality spare parts even connectors and power supply included to make sure the stability and reliability of LED display.

   Secondly, we adopt software and hardware backup system, which will automatically switch to the backup when the line is with poor contact.

    Finally, we develop our own control system with functions of data dual backup, free switch between synchronization and asynchronization and off-line working after operation to ensure the display never to be blank.

   In the past ten years, Eastar has been focused on innovation and social benefit. Thus, Eastar set a precedent on outdoor advertising LED display for its free of air conditioning and steel structure. What’s more, Eastar first developed the real flexible LED module among the industry, which made a great breakthrough on customized LED display screen.