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LED display(Esdlumen) Shinning in the FARMER OF UKRAINE”

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/08/20

Along with continued turmoil in domestic situation, plus the event of Malaysia Airlines MH17, Ukraine, this former Soviet country, causes world’s attentions.

Ukraine, located in eastern of Europe, is the second largest European Country. Except its main heavy industry, developed agriculture makes Ukraine become world’s third largest grain exporter with good reputation “Breadbasket of Europe”.

However, in this beautiful country, people’s life ain’t easy in these days; they are haunted by the continued civil war. Somehow, the civil war seems cannot erase their passions to life. Not long ago, a show called “FARMER OF UKRAINE” which is aims to recognize people who have made outstanding contributions in Ukrainian Agriculture was held in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. Attendee includes elites in agriculture, officers and famous singers; also, it is pleasure of Eastar to participate in this important event. In the show, Eastar’s Rock Series stage led display, was helping to broadcast live picture on site. Thanks to its excellent performance, the extraordinary image catches the eyes of every attendee, makes people once again watch these elites and pay attention to their outstanding contributions.