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Esdlumen S-TV Serial Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Create HD Super TV Screen

Source: Eastar      Published: 2016/09/02

The first day of September is Chinese school year beginning day, which also means new start for students. At the same time, the small pixel pitch led display “S-TV serial” which is newly developed by Eastar also to start its new year. Manager of Marketing Department Mr. Zhang, was invited to introduce this innovative product in that afternoon. Its launch got warm welcomed.

S-TV serial led display is the kind of small pixel pitch video display which is especially developed for indoor super high definition. Its features was introduced as following, 16: 9 Golden Ratio; Easily Realize 2K \ 4K \ 8K Ultra High Definition Display; Dual Backup, Dual Power Supply, Dual System Design; Support 7X24H Work; CLASS B Standard Certificate, S-TV Sealed-type Structure Design, Anti dusty, Anti moisture, Anti electromagnetic interference; Intelligent Adjustable Brightness, High Grey Scale and High Refresh Rate Available in Low Brightness;

With front maintenance design, S-TV module can be taken out easily just by magnetic tool, super convenient in maintenance. ST-V adopts unique nano-coating technology, which makes itself efficiently anti static and anti dusty, make black contrast even deeper.

With the development of LED small pixel pitch technology, small pixel pitch led display products occupied the indoor display market rapidly in recent years. In these trends "small pixel pitch run into indoor," Eastar small pixel pitch products with excellence in quality become the banner of LED display replacing DLP, LCD large-screen splicing and projectors splicing and other traditional indoor display products

Compare to other traditional display products, S-TV has absolute advantage as following: Intelligent Adjustable High Brightness; High Contrast, High Refresh, Rapid Reaction Speed, Super Thin, Seamless Splicing.

S-TV led display is widely applies to different fields, such as Small Pixel Pitch TV, Video Conference, Transportation Command, Aerospace Surveillance, Human-computer Interaction, Intelligent Home Appliances and so on.