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Congratulations! Esdlumen won several annual awards!

Congratulations! Esdlumen won several annual awards!

  • March 18,2020.

During the event of “The Digital Audiovisual Industry Brand Selection”, which was hosted by well-known online media DAV, Esdlumen gained two awards of “Top 10 LED Screen Brand” and “Top 10 small-pitch LED Screen Brand”. In addition, Esdlumen won the “2019 Annual Brand – LED Screen” award from GGLL in the same period.

This event lasted about three months. According to the online and offline votes by factories, designer, distributor, contractors, end-user and media person; And authority experts synthetically emulate the R & D ability, market share, and customer satisfaction of finalist. Finally, select the winners of the “2019 Top 10 Annual LED Screen Brand”. Esdlumen also won these awards.


As a professional company of LED screens’ development and production, Esdlumen’s products include the rental LED screen, indoor & outdoor fixed LED screen, small-pitch LED screen, stadium screen, etc., which had exported to over 130 countries and regions, and get many praises.

Narrow Pixel Pitch Projects

National Command Center BIM Plus 1.9

National Command Center       BIM Plus 1.9

Monitor Center BIM 1.9

Monitor Center  BIM 1.9

CDC VE P1.58

CDC   VE P1.58

Church VE 1.5

Church  VE 1.5

HongKong TVB EHP 1.5

HongKong TVB   EHP 1.5

While Esdlumen develops the national and international market, we still insist on technical innovation. Many fine-pitch LED screen products were produced in 2019. These awards represent customer recognition of our products! In the future, Esdlumen will develop more excellent products to create value for our clients.

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