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Esdlumen's latest small-pitch products displayed at ISE2020

Esdlumen's latest small-pitch products displayed at ISE2020

  • February 13,2020.

On Feb. 11th, 2020, the ISE show was held in RAI Amsterdam. Esdlumen attended as scheduled. This year’s ISE show is also full of surprises like the past years. Due to the excellent performance and beautiful appearance of our products, Esdlumen attracted many on-site audiences to our booth.

It seems that the coronavirus didn’t stop people from visiting the ISE show. There are still so many people come to RAI Amsterdam from all over the world. We can also see some digital signage show the words “武汉加油!中国加油!(Wuhan, come on! China, come on!)”

The ISE show is the most successful and the largest show of Professional Audiovisual Equipment and Information System Integration Technology Exhibition. During this grand exhibition, Esdlumen cooperate with Ross to create a visual feast for the audiences on site.

small-pitch LED screens

As Esdlumen's first attended exhibition in 2020. We are full of confidence. To show our latest technology of LED Screen, we bring many new products to this show, such as the KingKong series and Mini Pro Series. Both of the two products are the small-pitch LED screens. The KingKong is for indoor fixed, and the Mini Pro is for indoor rental. Furthermore, besides the new products, some hot-sale products also displayed during the show, such ass the BIM Pro series, Shine Plus Series, 110-inch LED TV, and Medusa (Transparent LED Screen). All of these products are the technical results of Esdlumen! We believe that these products will give clients a big surprise!

Esdlumen continually accumulates experiences and improves ourselves in order to let our products more suitable for the market needs. In terms of products, Esdlumen always care about our clients and their experience. We always believe that only the best products can create value for our customers!

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