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Eastar Access to European Well-known TV Stations

Eastar Access to European Well-known TV Stations

  • February 20,2019.

Eastar Access to European well-known TV stations

Recently, Shenzhen Eastar Electronics Co., Ltd  the world's respected and professional LED display service provider has a good news in the overseas market: our LED small-pitch display officially entered the European famous TV studio, marking the small pixel pitch LED display spacing Once again, our led display has entered the international high-end media field and is once again recognized by the world. And when your strength is recognized by the world, all closed doors will be opened for you one by one, and the repeated repurchase of customers around the world is the recognition of Eastar's manufacturing standards in China!

(TV Station in Rome)

The LED display used in the TV station has very strict requirements on the broadcast effect. Therefore, the LED display cooperation need to check many suppliers before the led display applied into the TV station. For example, the refresh rate should reach the highest standard of the TV station refresh frequency, so that when the camera shoots video. The black light band will not be caused by the frequency of the refresh rate of the two, and the fineness of the color and the degree of color reduction, the TV station needs to check the layers to get cooperation.

(Hongkong TVB Station)

The enterprise is a ship, the product is a sail, and the product is the core competitiveness of the enterprise! Since the establishment of Eastar, we have concentrated on the R&D and manufacturing of LED display products with a focus on professionalism. For the strict standards of TV stations, Eastar has developed the VE series of small pixel pitches and won the Red Dot Design Award, which is known as the “Oscar” in the industry filed. VE small pixel pitch cabinet series adopts 16:9 golden ratio, easy to seamlessly splicing 1080P and 4K/8K large screen, featuring fine picture, high color reproduction, high refresh frequency, low brightness, low power consumption and fast heat dissipation.

Eastar adheres to the mission of showing the beauty of the world. VE has been stationed in Hong Kong TVB TV station, Australian TV station, etc. The LED display series also helped Yaoming Fund signing ceremony, OPPO mobile phone new product launch conference, Tencent operator conference, and Major projects such as the Oscars. Eastar has been deeply involved in the LED display industry for 11 years. We hope that Eastar will light up more countries in the world and make it amazing! Add more to the world's more event projects!

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