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Esdlumen Launches the First Mature Mini LED Commercial Application, Many Technologies Surprise the ISE Audience

Esdlumen Launches the First Mature Mini LED Commercial Application, Many Technologies Surprise the ISE Audience

  • February 25,2019.

Esdlumen Launches the First Mature Mini LED Commercial Application, Many Technologies Surprise the ISE Audience

From February 5th to 8th, the world's top commercial audiovisual technology ISE exhibition was held at the RAI Conference Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As a globally respected professional LED Display Solution Provider, Esdlumen was invited to the K26 booth at the 12th core pavilion and exhibited 15 best-selling products. Among them, Esdlumen's first Mini LED commercial application program – full real Mini LED 0.9 TV is the most eye-catching in the entire ISE audience.

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The first mature Mini LED commercial application

When the mini LEDs of other suppliers began mass production, Esdlumen has launched the first mature mini LED commercial application - the full real mini LED TV. Compared with the traditional LCD panel "LED TV", the mini LED TV has higher brightness, more energy saving, long use time, low maintenance cost, high refresh rate, no flicker on the screen, wide viewing angle, ultra-quiet, support for 3D display, support Multiple windows display arbitrary scaling. All in all, it hangs all the "LED TVs" currently on the market.

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Self-developed HCC technology, the effect is visible

At the ISE exhibition, Esdlumen once again demonstrated its self-developed HCC technology. Through the white screen contrast of two bright outdoor 4.8 products, the high-temperature low-voltage and low-power effect of HCC technology can be seen by the naked eye. Feel the scene. Up to now, HCC technology has covered most of Esdlumen's best-selling products. With HCC technology, some Esdlumen LED displays can achieve 10,000-level brightness.

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GOB game interactive screen, Zero distance contact

Have you seen a small-pixel pitch LED display that can be touched or even tapped by hand? At the Esdlumen booth, a small-interval game interactive screen allows the viewer to have zero-distance contact with the LED display. The E series 1.9 product with GOB technology is like wearing the protective clothing inside the "Wandering Earth". It is anti-drop and anti-collision, and it is moisture-proof and waterproof. How to touch it is not afraid! Pair it with VR and football games, eye-catching!

Elegant and light small spacing VE series

Of course, the real protagonist of this exhibition is the Esdlumen VE small pitch series, which is designed for broadcast TV, security monitoring, conference halls and other applications. The dot spacing covers 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.9 four different grades of VE series products, whether it is the honor of Red Dot Design Award, or the resume of many well-known TV stations in Europe, it makes it in a small wave of small spacing The products stand out from the crowd and are very popular among the audience.

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This ISE trip, Esdlumen achieved a complete success, fifteen models of the main products, a number of technical surprises ISE exhibition audience. The four-day exhibition not only allows global customers to better understand Eastar, but also allows the world to better understand China's intellectual creation!

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If you haven't enjoyed the ISE show yet, this February, Eastar has two exhibitions to meet you. The LED China Shenzhen Exhibition, which opened on February 21st, and the Live Entertainment Expo Tokyo, which opened on February 28th, are not to be missed!

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