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Esdlumen 240 sqm Commercial LED Displays Rise to Prominence at Singapore Changi Airport

Esdlumen 240 sqm Commercial LED Displays Rise to Prominence at Singapore Changi Airport

  • July 7,2023.

Esdlumens 240sqm commercial LED displays shine at Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport to present stunning & splendiferous luxury advertising. Apart from Singapore Changi Airport, many international airports have utilized Esdlumens LED displays to deliver boarding information and publish advertising, such as Hong Kong International Airport, Fiumicino International Airport, Heathrow Airport, etc.

Esdlumens 2 sets of commercial LED screens form two massive LED entrance gates with an area of 120m2 respectively in the Airports departure hall which has a massive people flow every day. Every set of LED screens composes of two rectangular column LED screens and a rectangular flat LED screen. Looking from a distance, they seem like two gigantic gates, which publish international luxury brandscommercials through many vivid and brilliant videos or pictures to grab passengersattention while they pass the departure hall. Located in the hub of Singapore Changi Airport, these two screens can well captivate passengersattention and enhance advertising effectiveness meanwhile entertaining travelers with high-quality displays.

These LED gates adopt Esdlumens VF Series fine-pitch LED display. 39mm-thin cabinet shares only half the thickness of conventional ones. The overall wall-mounting thickness is only 64mm to blend into the wall, saving more than 90% of installation space. Meanwhile, the LED screens support fast installation and maintenance by 1-second fast interlocks. With 16:9 aspect rato, VF Series realizes easily pixel-by-pixel HD/4K/8K broadcasting while guaranteeing a gorgeous and delicate display with a 3840Hz ultra-high refresh rate. Whats more, the column LED screens allow cornersseamless splicing to maintain their smooth and complete display. With Esdlumens Nano-Coating Craftsmanship, LED caterpillarfailures can be avoided by all-around dust-proof & moisture-proof protection while ensuring sharp images.

In the past two decades, Esdlumen has risen to prominence in the transportation industry, particularly in airports. To offer better service and customer experience, Esdlumen keeps strengthening its layout of the global service network. Esdlumen has established multiple local branches with local offices, showrooms, and warehouses globally, including the USA, Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and other regions. In the near future, Esdlumen will further reach its global business expansion to offer excellent products and professional services to worldwide customers.

Esdlumen Classic Cases in Airports:

Fiumicino International Airport

Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, France

London Heathrow Airport, UK

Hong Kong International Airport, China

Beijing Daxing International Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

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