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Esdlumen Smart Education Display Solutions Aid the New Campus of New York University Shanghai

Esdlumen Smart Education Display Solutions Aid the New Campus of New York University Shanghai

  • June 29,2023.

Esdlumen 300+ sqm LED displays lit up the new campus of New York University Shanghai (NYU Shanghai) to boost its education improvement. With 20+ years of industry experience, Esdlumen has provided multiple intelligent display solutions for higher education to reinforce audiovisual systems, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen MSU-BIT University, etc.

NYU Shanghai, China’s first Sino-US cooperative university, is jointly established by New York University and East China Normal University. Located in Pudong District, New York University Shanghai becomes an essential sample of China’s higher education reform, as it builds up not only a communicative window and practice platform for international cooperation and talent development but also a bridge of international cultural exchanges. In 2023, NYU Shanghai celebrates the move to the New Bund Campus and officially welcomes the students for the spring semester.

Esdlumen’s 5 sets of LED displays over 300 sqm are well applied in different AV-enabled spaces in NYU Shanghai including the auditorium, the meeting center, the library, and multimedia rooms. The LED screen installed in the auditorium greatly helps support NYU Shanghai’s academic events and lectures. The screen adopts Esdlumen’s fine-pitch LED display VAⅡSeries, which features all-around protection and high reliability while allowing a smooth display to reach stunning & grab-attention visuals. Meanwhile, the 102 sqm high-resolution LED screen adopts Esdlumen’s pioneering Six-Dimensional Minitrim Technology to ensure the screen’s high flatness for ultimate viewing comfort.

The LED wall installed in the library also adopts Esdlumen’s VAⅡSeries LED display. Combined with pixel-by-pixel brightness calibration technology, the LED screen allows more realistic dynamic images and exceptional color displays to meet multiple library’s needs such as publicity and presentation.

Except for the library, Esdlumen’s VAⅡSeries LED wall is adopted in the school’s meeting center as well. Esdlumen’s patented Smart Inkjet Technology greatly ensures the screen’s ultra-high contrast ratio and consistent & splendid colors. With Esdlumen’s HD LED video walls, NYU Shanghai can own clear video facility with sharp images to grab attendees’ attention while holding more efficient & more high-quality meetings.

The last two LED screens are located in the two multimedia rooms for the school’s information publicity and content presentation. Since lighting up, these screens always maintain astonishing & fascinating displays effect with a 3840Hz high refresh rate and smooth playback. In addition, Esdlumen’s Nano-Coating Craftsmanship provides all-around dust-proof & moisture-proof protection to avoid LED “caterpillar” failures.

It is particularly honoring that Esdlumen’s smart education display solutions help boost NYU Shanghai’s education modernization. As an international LED display brand, Esdlumen has many classic education cases and rich experience in offering stunning LED displays & all-around service for colleges, schools, and training centers, etc. In short, Esdlumen always keeps its steadfast pace on providing professional visual products & services to global customers.

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