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LianTronics Three Exquisite LED Displays Receive Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023

LianTronics Three Exquisite LED Displays Receive Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023

  • June 20,2023.

Three models of LianTronics LED video walls have received the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023, including BIM Plus-X Series for indoor commercials, Pilot Pro Series for rental & staging, and VASeries for data visualization. Winning the Red Dot Award shows that LianTronicsproducts rise to prominence and further reveal their reliability and innovation.

What is Red Dot Award?

The Red Dot Design Award is a world-class recognized international design prize awarded by Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG, whose prize categories span the gamut from product design, to brands, communication design, and design concept. Even though in different fields, companies and design studios sought it out as a reliable certification of their superior design work.

BIM Plus-X Series: Highlight Your Advertisements

The first awarded product is LianTronicsnew-generation product for commercial application extending from its hot-selling BIM Series family -- BIM Plus-X Series. With ultra-slim & light features, BIM Plus-X Series achieves seamless splicing, serves with smooth and clear picture quality, and also has a variety of sizes available. Except for exceptional advertising display, BIM Plus-X Series allows flexible & creative mixed splicing with different cabinet sizes including L shapes, cubes, concave & convex, and even 90° rotation. In short, LianTronicsBIM Plus-X Series offers you a comprehensive functional solution for indoor advertising and digital presentation in multiple scenarios such as entertainment venues, workplaces, exhibitions, etc.

Pilot Pro Series: Shine Your Stages

Another LED display awarded by Red Dot Award is LianTronicslatest rental product, Pilot Pro Series for events, staging, and virtual production studios. One of its attractive functions is its 1s maintenance and installation with patented interlocks and automatic arc locks. The durable & high-protection Pilot Pro Series adopts universal hanging bars and stacking bars for higher flexibility and cost saving. Moreover, it also enables curved, staggered, and 90°splicing for more creative shapes. It is worth mentioning that Pilot Pro is optional with a higher refresh rate, higher frame rate & higher grayscale to deliver exceptional visuals for application in virtual production.

VAⅢ Series: Digitize Your Information

LianTronicsVA Series is a professional fine-pitch LED display for command centers, data centers, meeting room, etc. It optimizes the panel structure to its limit of 33mm thinness and 4.5kg/pc weight only yet remains the most cutting-edge display functions. VA Series supports a 5G transmission signal for easier & more stable operation, namely 5G transmission enables Micro LED+8K display to enhance system efficiency, and meanwhile lowers the wiring difficulty by reducing the number of cables and devices to improve display stability. In addition, VAIII Series allows multiple backups including power, receiving cards, power connectors, & signal connectors. The quadruple backup ensures never a blackout in the normal case. Whats more, the 16:9 golden ratio brilliantly matches mainstream HD/4K/8K videos while maintaining pixel-to-pixel broadcasting, which can replace traditional projectors and LCDs directly to reproduce realistic colors.

“Thanks to Red Dot Award offering more chances for LianTronics to come to the force as an international LED display brand. LianTronics always adhere to the principle of high-quality products and the orientation of professional service. Thanks to all clientstrust and support all the time. With their trust, LianTronics keeps its enthusiasm to design more exceptional products and offer more considerate services,said Lilian Zhang, EVP of International Business of LianTronics & Esdlumen.

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