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How to improve the protection ability of indoor LED screen

How to improve the protection ability of indoor LED screen

  • July 10,2020.

Nowadays, the indoor SMD LED screens had become the mainstream products in the market. The small-pitch LED screens are usually used in the conference room, command center, etc. For the normal indoor LED screens, there always no problems with a new screen. But after a long time use, the LED screens will always appear some problems, such as broken lamps. Furthermore, when using the LED screen, some human factors cause lamp collisions or lamps to be lost. In addition, during the installation process, it is easy to damage the lamps if there is no protection. What's more, if the LED screen's use environment is wet, it will also cause a higher rate of screen damage.

small-pitch LED screens

For the indoor small-pitch LED screen, it will take over half a year to check if the screen is qualified. How to solve the problems of the LED screen caused by water vapor, ash, collision, and how to improve the product quality and reduce the costs of after-sales service are the main problems that LED screen manufacturers need to solve. To solve this problem, the GOB (Glue On Board) technology appears!

This kind of solution is based on the present indoor SMT LED screen. After 72 hours of the aging process, then cover a glue layer on the lamp board made by the SMT, which can protect the lamp foot from isolating water.

For the normal LED screen just with an IP40 rating, this kind of technology can effectively improve the Ingress protection, and prevent the lamps from the collision and losing. This type of solution has already met the market needs, has mature production, and will not unduly increase the overall cost burden.

Last but not least, the PCB board's back protection technology still keeps the previous three anti-paint protection process. The protection level of the back of the PCB board can be improved by spraying; the IC's surface is coated to form a protective layer to prevent the failure of the integrated circuit components of the drive circuit.

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