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The application of led display in the education field

The application of led display in the education field

  • July 17,2020.

With stable development, the education level is improving continually. The project of smart school is still on building step by step. The LED screen is also an important character in the education field, such as wisdom interact class, promotional screen, and stage screen.

As we all know, the core place of education is the classroom; most traditional classrooms adopt blackboard or electronic whiteboard to teach students. In recent years, the indoor display technology developed fast; the LCD video wall and indoor HD LED screen continually become the new display product in the new classroom. Due to its excellent features of the HD display, long time work, and abundant education sources, the LED screen is better for new era education.

In addition, schools also have various meeting rooms, which can install small-pitch LED screens for diverse applications. Nowadays, P0.4 is the smallest pixel pitch of the LED screen industry. This kind of LED screen will not appear the circumstance of illegibility, ripple and ghosting even under a close distance, which can make your conference more efficient.

At last, school safety is the core problem of education every year. How to build a safe school and ensure teachers and students' safety are among the most important problems of the school.

These are all issues that should be considered by education professionals. In recent years, we have seen many online tragedies about campuses. In order to prevent the occurrence of such public safety accidents, LED display screens can be applied to the campus control center to realize multi-point monitoring through the screen. This kind of system can effectively keep the campus safe.

Education is the cornerstone of national development and progress. As a large-screen display terminal with outstanding performance in the market, led display screens also play various roles and facilitate people's lives.

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