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LED screen leads the new trend of outdoor advertising: Entering the "DOOH" era

LED screen leads the new trend of outdoor advertising: Entering the "DOOH" era

  • October 26,2020.

DOOH means Digital Out of Door refers to the digital media except for home media. It usually uses a digital display to show the news and information. In a nutshell, it refers to the outdoor advertising LED screen. Because there are few people to watch TV at home nowadays, to convey information with TV also becomes fewer than before. As a result, the DOOH media appears!

In addition, the content of the DOOH media will also boom in 2020. In June of this year, eMarketer launched the predictive costs of DOOH advertisements. This year, America's DOOH advertising spending will more than double that of last year, totaling 181.6 million dollars. By 2022, this number will reach 533.8 million dollars. In a retail store, LED large screen technology is developing so fast. To change their advertisements to more meaningful and influenced events, the advertisement agencies need to create more video brand content with this style. Due to this kind of change, the new video content style will be displayed on the advertising billboard. The advertising companies need to provide personalized content to optimize these new LED screens continually.

In the era with various media, consumers are closely by marketers. For now, although there are many advertisements in China, many outstanding professional enterprises have been born, such as Focus Media. However, to confirm if this industry has entered the golden period depends on the European and American markets. We saw the coming of the DOOH era. This benefits from the fast development of LED technology. During this time, many excellent LED screen companies, such as Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd. (Esdlumen), begin to focus on the research and development of outdoor advertising screens. In 2020 alone, Esdlumen launched more than 3 outdoor LED display products, including Helios Series, MPA Pro Series, etc. The aspect ratio of the Helios Series is 16:9, which meets the North American Outdoor Association's requirement. Nowadays, because of the reduction of costs, there are many LED screens in the world, which makes many advertising companies promote their large screen solutions to get more clients to advertise.

From the Olympics 2014, the various electronic screens began to occupy more and more places in England. The DOOH Turnover in England had reached 950 million 3 years ago. Although there are a large number of turnovers in England, it still could not compare with China. Only the Focus Media company had reached a turnover of 920 million in 2012.

In fact, we see many outdoor large LED screens on the outer building walls and see many indoor large and small screens in our daily life, including the giant indoor advertising screens, the various shapes of TV, etc. When you take public transport, you can also see countless movable screens, even in the toilet. All of these belong to DOOH.

DOOH technology is developing, and many other technologies related to it are also developing. In recent years, movable DOOH technology has become popular. With a movable screen, it can not only increase the coverage of outdoor media but also attract customers' attention. With the popularity of the "Internet of Things", many car applications also begin to interact with DOOH.

In the era with many media, we can see advertisements everywhere, including TV, mobile phone, and outdoor LED screens. No matter if you accept it, we had entered this kind of information era. This amount of information is very large. According to the statistics, the amount of information that a modern person is exposed to in a week is equivalent to the amount of information that a person would obtain in a lifetime in the 18th century. How to monitor these data and evaluate their effects has become a new business.

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