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Under the situation of the experience economy, what changes will the application of LED screens have?

Under the situation of the experience economy, what changes will the application of LED screens have?

  • October 14,2020.

Under the background of the "Internet of Things", when the "Culture + Technology" becomes a trend, simple entertainment can not meet people's increasing needs of culture and substance. Emphasize "Audience Experience" has become a fierce competition. The immersive experience is one of them. Nowadays, the LED screen had gone into the fields of education and film from the indoor scene.

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During the era of "Experience Economic 1.0", the display serves for sceneries, and the sceneries serve people. All the things are to let customers have a deep sense of participation in some opening scenes. The most obvious one is the popular various immersive experience hall in the market today, which breaks the traditional expression of immersive experience and develops from variety and interaction. During the process, from indoor to outdoor and more scenes, from single display function to the later combine various technologies, the LED screen is gradually close to the "Converged Media Era". In early 2020, according to the 《China Cultural Industry Annual Development Report》,the keywords, such as "Cultural and tourism integration", "Digital culture", "5G+Culture", "AI science and technology empower", etc., become the "Top 10 Key Words of China Culture Industry" in 2019. This situation fully explained that with the increasing demand for extreme, personalized, and aesthetical technology consumer products, the experience, interactivity, and scene of cultural consumer products would become the focus of attention.

Nowadays, 3 experience types have a high market awareness rate in China: Immersive real scenes entertainment, Immersive new media art exhibition, Immersive performance. This means that the 5G+LED screen may cause a revolution of lifestyle, and the whole digital culture industry will also disruptively change. The LED screen industry can fully combine with VR/AR, computer multi-media technology, and cooperate with visual content industries to build a new "Display concept high place".

The experience economy 2.0 era means "Creativity + Products" integration. The applications in the film and television industry of LED screens are limited to cinema display and are more and more added in the process of film shooting and production to present a more three-dimensional and shocking visual effect to bring audiences the best visual enjoyment. The top science fiction film, 《The Mandalorian》, adopts LED screens instead of the traditional green screen, which has obvious improvement in the visual effect.

Immersive experience also can let the LED screens promote the development of education. Some large science teaching museum adopts LED screen to create the immersive experience. With the LED screen, the visitors can imitate the pilot's weightless training and wear the pilot clothes to experience the space. In the outdoor advertising fields, with the ultra-large LED screen, it can make the virtual and digital technology integrated into a constructed special environment. Audiences can watch different content from different angles, which realize the value of attracting traffics and advertisement spread. From experience economy 1.0 to 2.0, with the fast improvement of LED screen's quality and technology, the LED screen will have wider applications in commercial fields.

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