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The transparent LED screen may increase fast in the next few years

The transparent LED screen may increase fast in the next few years

  • September 17,2020.

On August 11, 2020, Xiaomi, the famous Chinese brand, launched a transparent TV, making the transparent display device a popular topic. In particular, many screen companies began to produce transparent LED screens at an earlier time than Xiaomi. But the transparent screens always were used in business fields, and many companies know little about it. This is why you see only a few applications of the transparent LED screen. In recent years, the small-pitch LED screen and rental LED screen must be the mainstream in the LED industry. There is no doubt that the rental and small-pitch LED screens have a good market condition. As a product that was produced later, the development of the transparent LED screen is unpleasant in the past. What's more, the high cost and unstable make it be refused in the market.

There are two problems with the transparent LED screen on transparency rate and brightness in the early time. From the year 2017, after the fast development of the transparent screen, the transparency rate and stability had a significant improvement. Nowadays, the transparent screen's transparency rate can reach 60%-95%, and the brightness also improved. The transparency rate of Esdlumen's Medusa transparent LED screen can reach 70%, and it has a brightness of 3500nits. Due to the transparent screen's creative display features, it accelerates the increase in the LED screen market, especially be used in outdoor advertisement and business display.

Compared with the traditional LED screen, the transparent LED screen becomes more and more popular due to its high transparency, invisible installation, high brightness, etc. The transparent screen not only realizes its business value, but also improve the appearance of cities, which gradually become the popular product in the outdoor advertising market.

In recent years, transparent screen manufacturers have invested a lot of effort and funds in developing transparent display products, various types of innovative transparent LED screens and their related applications and development. Various solutions have also emerged. In recent year's large and small exhibitions, in addition to small-pitch led screens, you can freely see a variety of LED display products suitable for glass curtain walls and windows, such as transparent screens, light bar screens and creative transparent screens.

Due to the market environment, technology, product, and other factors become mature; it is better for the transparent screen to develop. In addition, as the combined applications of AR, VR, and 3D technology, we believe that the full-featured transparent LED screen will be more and more popular.

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