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What features should an outdoor LED screen have?

What features should an outdoor LED screen have?

  • November 11,2020.

The LED screens can be seen in indoor conditions and be seen in outdoor places. Nowadays, there is the word "DOOH", which has been very popular in recent years. It means "digital out of home". There will be higher requirements for outdoor conditions, so clients need to choose the most professional LED screen to improve stability. So, what features should an outdoor LED screen have?

Clear resolution

Compared with the LED screen used in indoor conditions, the outdoor display effect will be affected by the different light environments and viewing distance. Therefore, only by working on the LED display resolution can the resolution abnormality caused by various lights be reduced.

High protection

The installation area of the LED display is relatively large. It is installed in densely populated areas, so the LED electronic display's protection level has directly become a necessary choice. In addition to considering the solid foundation of the steel structure, it is also essential to have various protection capabilities such as waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof and strong pressure, so as to increase the service life of the LED electronic display and enhance its reliability.

Safe grounding and anti-leakage

Long-term outdoor use must take measures to protect against lightning and leakage. The main body and cabinet of the LED display must ground the floor. Because the display screen has high integration of electronic components and is very sensitive to external anti-interference, it is particularly prone to accidents without any protection against leakage, so it is necessary to install grounding lightning protection devices on the screen and surrounding buildings.

Good heat dissipation capacity

The LED electronic display itself generates a large amount of heat energy when it is working, so it is easier to increase the heat in an outdoor high-temperature environment. If the heat dissipation capacity is not strong, the entire integrated circuit will not work properly or even be burned. Therefore, the outdoor LED displays must choose modules with their own heat dissipation function to increase working stability and service life and reduce light decay.

The above are the four major conditions that outdoor LED displays need to have. It can be seen that although the display is easy to use, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation and some details of the selection conditions, and choose LED advertising display with different performances according to the different venues you use. Especially for the equipment to be used outdoors, it is necessary to strictly control the quality. The professional quality and reliable equipment of LED electronic display can be selected from the rich types, so that the advertising promotion has more advantages and safety.

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