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What is Mini LED and Small-pitch LED

What is Mini LED and Small-pitch LED

  • May 24,2019.

With the development of LED screen, many new concepts appear to our life. Recently, many customers came to our official site and asked me what is Mini LED and small pitch LED? For most of you, you must see many essays introduce the difference between Micro LED, Mini LED and OLED. But there is almost no essay to describe the difference between Mini LED and small-pitch LED.

That is reasonable! The concept of Mini LED and small-pitch LED are not on the same level. The Mini LED just refers to the size of LED light and the small-pitch LED refers to the distance between two LED lights. Let me detailedly introduce it! I hope this essay can make a better understanding of it.

What is Mini LED?

Mini LED, also called "sub-millimeter light-emitting diodes", is the LED of size 100 micrometers. Mini LED is a transition between traditional LED and Micro LED, which is an improved version of traditional LED backlights. Compared with the traditional LED, Mini LED also have some innovative advantages. The main features include two:

LED screen

1. Compared with conventional LED backlit design, Mini LED has more uniform brightness and higher contrast when it under the condition of shorter blending distance. Furthermore, it can make the end products ultra-thin and low power consumption.

2. Combine with the advantages of COB technology, it is possible that the pixel pitch of the LED screen can become more and more small, which can effectively improve the visual enjoyment of end products. Meanwhile, because of the shorter viewing distance, it also makes it possible for LED screen using indoor instead of the previous LCD market.

Small-Pitch LED

The small-pitch LED display refers to the indoor LED display with LED dot spacing below P2.5, mainly including P2.5, P2.0, P1.8, P1.5 and other LED display products. The birth of the small-pitch LED display makes it possible for LED screen used in indoor conditions. With the development of small-pitch LED display technology, the resolution of it get a great improvement.

small pitch LED

What’s more, when we talk about the video wall, we also care about whether the splicing gap is small enough to provide a better visual enjoyment for end users. This small-pitch LED technology can effectively solve this problem. When using the small-pitch LED, it can easily realize seamless splicing.

Taking everything into consideration, the Mini LED and small-pitch LED may be the best combination in the LED industry. Combine these two kinds of technologies can improve the whole experience of the LED screen. Although there are still many problems with using Mini LED in small-pitch LED industry, many companies begin to research this technology. Some of them had already achieved mass production. I believe that Mini LED and small pitch LED will be perfectly combined to complete a new transformation soon.

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