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Mini LED backlight display is the opportunity for the panel industry

Mini LED backlight display is the opportunity for the panel industry

  • May 17,2019.

According to the latest report of 《2019 Mini LED and HDR High-end Display Market Report》 by LED Inside. After 3 years of development, the Mini LED backlight technology will directly compete with OLED in the field of display in 2019. By report, because of the advantages of Mini LED backlight technology, Apple is also actively co-operating with suppliers in Taiwan and Japan, so that this technology can be used on PC and tablet.

Mini LED

The TrendForce Company showed that compared with the characteristics of the two technologies, the Mini LED display has the function of local dimming, which is similar to the OLED screen. While in some product lines, the cost of the Mini LED backlight display is lower than the OLED one. For the traditional LCD panel factory, it will be an opportunity to upgrade the product specifications in order to compete with OLED technology.

Mini LED

Due to the difference between the Mini LED backlight technology and the traditional LED backlight technology is only the use of more Mini LED chips, so it is only necessary for the panel factory to update some equipment. Under the condition of using the previous panel line, there is no effect to panel supplier. However, compared with the traditional LCD panel, the increase in the number of LED light will also cause a cost increase. Therefore, how to reduce the cost will be the key to whether the Mini LED backlight can be accessible in the future.

Mini LED

From the aspect of the supply chain, the capacity of panel manufacturers in Taiwan are weak, so they mainly work on the Mini LED backlight technology solution. What’s more, many of Taiwan's LED manufacturers have launched customized products for major customers, which is mainly for high-end display and backlight applications. Most of them have the ability to modify the equipment themselves.

Chinese mainland manufacturers are also actively developing Micro LED and Mini LED technology. For example, the pixel pitch of Mini LED products which produced by Eastar have reach 0.9mm. The display effect of this kind of LED display is very close to the LCD screen, which can provide you a better visual enjoyment then previous LED screen. Furthermore, China's mainland panel maker BOE announced a partnership with US company Rohinni to form a joint to produce Micro LED and Mini LED solutions for display backlights. The main goal is to increase the speed and accuracy of LED transfer to substrates to create more cost-competitive products.

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