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The trends of LED display in 2019

The trends of LED display in 2019

  • May 10,2019.

The first half of 2019 is about to pass. During the first half of 2019, several industry exhibitions have passed. From the products that many companies displayed in these shows, we can also find some trends about how the LED screen industry will develop. Then I will show some possibilities below. I hope this introduction can make you more understanding of the LED industry.

LED screen

Mini LED

A new outlet for the LED display industry is the Mini LED. When the 0.9mm small-pitch LED screen gradually enter the market, it opened a new era of Mini LED display that the pixel pitch is under 1mm. With the continuous development of Mini LED technology, although the current Mini LED display is still expensive in terms of cost, the technology has gradually matured. It is expected that from the second half of 2019 to 2020, the market demand for Mini LED will increase rapidly.

small-pitch LED screen

Energy saving LED display

During the industry exhibitions that have ended in the first half of 2019, many manufacturers have introduced LED display products with HCC technology, which has received widespread attention. After adopting the HCC technology, it can effectively control the temperature rise of the screen. Low heat and low power consumption, which is in line with the current trend of “energy saving and environmental protection”, can also effectively reduce the cost for the end user.

Special LED display

The traditional LED display market is highly singular. However, with the development of market demand, LED display screens have also developed from technological development to product structural innovation, thus creating more new LED products, such as special-shaped screen and transparent screen. It is no doubt that although traditional LED displays still have a large share in the market, meanwhile, the market for LED creative displays with advanced display technologies is also expanding.

LED display

With the increasing homogenization of traditional LED displays, and in the relatively mature and stable market conditions of product technology, only through the structural development of the specific needs of products, and to improve the product innovation ability, enterprises can get enough competitive power in the field of the LED screen.

LED display in the sub-field

First, the LED display has been developed in the traditional application industry such as outdoor advertising and stage rental. The products tend to be homogenized and the development potential is insufficient. To open the new blue ocean market, many companies have begun to broaden the range of LED display to meet new applications. The emergence of new application has promoted the development of a subdivided product. Secondly, in recent years, with the emergence of the concept of “new retail”, the development of the commercial display market has been promoted, and a certain incremental market has been created for LED displays. Also, smart cities, smart transportation, etc. continue to promote the small pitch and light pole screen applications. With the coming of the 5G era, LED display will also accelerate the pace of development.

LED display

Although the LED display industry experienced a lot of embarrassment in 2018 and exposed many industry problems, but also hidden new business opportunities. With the continuous development of the LED industry market, enterprises will surely meet the challenges of the market while enjoying the “cake” of the LED screen market. No matter what kind of field, they all need a more innovative and strategic business model.

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