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LianTronics & Esdlumen 2023 Iconic Awards and Cases Review

LianTronics & Esdlumen 2023 Iconic Awards and Cases Review

  • January 11,2024.

In the past whole year, LianTronics & Esdlumen have attained multiple famous international prizes in the audiovisual field. Besides that, LianTronics & Esdlumen have also offered professional products and considerate services to their global clients. To keep strengthening their global service network, LianTronics & Esdlumen have upgraded their local offices, showrooms, and warehouses in the USA, Japan, the Netherlands, and other regions. It’s time to look back at what LianTronics and Esdlumen accomplished in 2023.

Prestigious Awards

AV Award: the Visual Technology of the Year 2023

LianTronics innovative “The WOW” 3D display was granted the Visual Technology of the Year 2023 by the AV Award on November 3. It is an honor for LianTroncis to receive this significant audiovisual award as the only Chinese brand.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023

LianTronics’ three exceptional LED displays received the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2023. Receiving the Red Dot Award demonstrates how LianTronics’ products have earned recognition and demonstrate their inventiveness and dependability.

Prominent Cases

Rental & Staging Solution for the GranCa Live Festival

Esdlumen's 220 sqm rental LED displays shine at GranCa Live Fest with stunning and fascinating display performance. Esdlumen's rental display solutions always feature fast installation, easy maintenance, creative curved splicing, etc.

Outdoor Digital LED Displays for A Main Street in Malaysia

8 sets of outdoor digital billboards were deployed on a main road in Malaysia to broadcast advertisements. These LED displays adopt Esdlumen's MPA Pro Series with high protection and high brightness.

600+ sqm Creative Naked-eye 3D LED Video Wall for A Shopping Mall in Tibet

Esdlumen's outdoor LED screen shines at a shopping mall in Tibet, which adopts Esdlumen's hot-selling product, Hercules II Series. With a 7680Hz refresh rate and 7500nits brightness, the screen presents advertising content clearly and sharply, even in direct sunlight.

Unique-style Commercial LED Screens for Top-notch Cinema City in Sharjah

This project consists of 5 unique-styled commercial LED screens: a wave-curved LED display, an L-shaped LED display, and 3 other rectangular LED screens.

150 sqm COB LED Displays for Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Esdlumen's 4 sets of dual-sided P0.9 COB LED screens have been operating stably for a few months in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. The LED screens adopt Esdlumen's VTⅡ Series, which employs Esdlumen's Vmicro Display Technology to realize a 170+° wide viewing angle and more detailed presentation.

7-sided Fine-pitch LED displays for A Broadcasting Studio in a UAE TV

These seven screens not only can be spliced seamlessly but also present breathtaking visuals. Looking from the entrance, the whole studio is surrounded by seven LED screens, like a long ribbon around the whole room. What’s more, there is a creative movable LED screen in the middle of the studio.

1800 sqm Stunning LED Screens for H-ONE Official Club

Esdlumen designed a fascinating display solution for the H-ONE Official Club, including a naked-eye 3D LED display and many transparent LED screens. One ultra-light transparent screen can be spliced into an “H” shape hanging in the middle of the lobby.

Innovative 3-Sided Education Display Solution for Zhongfa Aviation Institute of Beihang University

Esdlumen's 160 sqm fine-pitch LED displays have been operating stably at Zhongfa Aviation Institute of Beihang University to facilitate the new campus’ modernization. What distinguishes the solutions is a nearly 100-square-meter three-sided LED screen with two right angles wall-mounted in the round classroom.

Office, showroom, & warehouse in USA

Office, showroom, & warehouse in Netherlands

Office, showroom, & warehouse in Japan

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