Fixed LED Display


HerculesII-Outdoor Fixed LED Display

HerculesII-Outdoor Fixed LED Display

10000nits Long-Lasting High Brightness

40% Energy Saving High Energy Efficiency

All-Weather Stability

Exceptional Picture Quality

Thinner, Lighter & More Cost-Saving

Install & Maintain with Higher Flexibility

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10000nits brightness outdoor fiexed led display

10000nits Long-Lasting High Brightness

Up to 10000nits high brightness brings clear images under strong sunlight; Ultra-low attenuation ensures sharp & vibrant images even after year-by-year running, generating great implicit commercial value for your investment.

high brightness led display

40% Energy Saving High Energy Efficiency

By applying dual-channel voltage input to reduce power consumption to improve conversion efficiency, Hercules Ⅱ Series enables to lower energy consumption by 40% compared to regular LED displays.

Efficient heat dissipation led display

All-Weather Stability

IP66 high waterproof protection from the front and back and a 5VB-flame-retardant aluminum cabinet with good heat dissipation results in more secure and steady performance all the time.

Exceptional Picture Quality

Patented mask design brings unrivalled high contrast ratio; Up to 7680Hz high refresh rate along with ultra-wide views elevates watching comfort through eye-catching broadcasting.

wall-mounted outdoor led display

Thinner, Lighter & More Cost-Saving

Ultra-slim & light cabinets reduce mounting structure and save the cost of transportation and installation. Meanwhile, die-casting aluminum module back cover supports anti-deformation.

Install & Maintain with Higher Flexibility

Hercules Ⅱ Series supports both front & rear installation and maintenance with universal modules and allows unique L-shaped and curved splicing in creative display
like naked-eye 3D solutions for more flexible application. 

Model HerculesII6.67 HerculesII8 HerculesII10
Pixel Pitch(mm) 6.67 8 10
Module Size W×H (mm) 480*320
Module Resolution W×H 72*48
Panel Size W×H×D(mm)


Panel Resolution 144*192/144*144 120*160/120*120 96*128/96*96
Weight(kg/㎡) 28 28 28
10000 10000
Panel Material




  • Hercules10 for Exhibition World Bahrain
    Hercules10 for Exhibition World Bahrain

    Project Type: Outdoor Product Series: Hercules10 Project Address: Bahrain Project Date: 2022 Project Area: 700 ㎡

  • Hercules P8 for Bingjiang Building, China
    Hercules P8 for Bingjiang Building, China

    Project Type: Outdoor Product Series: Hercules P8 Project Address: China Project Date: 2020.04 Project Area: 78 ㎡

  • Hercules Outdoor Fixed LED Panel
    Hercules Outdoor Fixed LED Panel

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    Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.